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Seetha Hot HD caps in Saree with Ramarajan

Seetha Hot HD captures in Saree with Ramarajan from tamil movie Mannukettha ponnu w/ Bonus captures of Madhuri Sareeless.

Hello Everyone. It’s time for another post in Southmasalapic blogsite, I know that the updates are not more frequent like before but I will try to give at least 4-5 posts a week. Yeah when I set the target for 4 to 5 posts only then I will reach 2-3 posts a week.  This posts is about Seetha actress or aunty whatever you may call it but to stick with the post title, it will be Seetha actress as this will be a post from a movie during her prime days. She was introduced in Aan Paavam by director/actor- Pandiarajan and went onto star in lot of movies. She was in the mid-tier to low tier level acting with new comers and the yet to establish stars like Ramkee, Arjun, Prabhu and also did a stunner with Kamal haasan during the late 80's period. She was labelled as a homely actress, a definition for homely actress is that they will never reveal much skin, no club songs, mostly in Saree/half saree and that too well covered with not so much of transparent blouses, Not much romantic scenes, maybe a side boob show in saree or navel show here and there but not fully prominent ones. 

 According to me, she was not the complete actress compared to the likes of Ambika, Radha or Madhavi of her generation. A complete actress is the one who is able to emote as well as expose with versatile qualities and that is the truth because the top actresses had done glamour roles more than once in their career. Seetha was kind of a cute actress and she lacked the body mass and structure, yeah she was lean but did not have anything to brag about. She was acting for about 5 years starting from Aan paavam which released in the year 1985 and then married a dark lucky gorilla named Parthiban and settled down. If you see the caps below you will know why I referred him as lucky, she looks like a dream Tamil bride and kind of a lady our Indian men want to have- Admit it you don't want your lady to wear exposing clothes as you have feeling that it belongs only to you and cannot be shared- Can't blame you as the things happening in our society, you have to be cautious if you want to be together unless the wife herself is nerrupu (fire) like what they say for Kannagi.  

Yeah she is a homely actress- what?She divorced Parthiban and went on marrying another partner named Satish even after having a daughter of her height. This might be very common in the west but not so much in our place. And that is the example they set for the people who follow them but you cannot actually blame them as even the ones who is divorced or windowed, you might not know if they are having an stealthy affair with somebody. Life sure has its own twist and turn and we hope and pray everybody is doing well. Coming to the caps, it is from the movie Mannuketha Ponnu starring Seetha and Ramarajan- our colorful hero with nethili meesai (thin moustache) and red lips (colored with lipstick) also one of the top heroes of his time. Seetha looks fine with hot and sexy looks and an appealing body in saree. As I said earlier there is not much exposure but still you will want to have a look and then run to the bathroom. 

I have shown the slutty side and the boobastic side of Seetha in the superhit Tamil Serial Aunty Series now see from where had evolved into such a bomb.  
 HD caps with fantastic quality for you, enjoy

seetha actress hot


For those who thought this post lacks something. I feel tamil actress Madhuri's sareeless show will level things up. Hot cleavage in  blouse and bra show

   That's all for this post, Take care and BYE......           

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