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Simbhu Beep Song Controversy -IMO

Simbhu Beep Song Controversy -IMO

So on 10th of December 2015, there was 2 songs which had released in Tamil Nadu. One was the official song with SPB and other Telugu artists to raise the morale among the people affected by heavy rains. It was such a nice thing to do by them and always liked Telugu movies and artists in general. Most of the Telugu stars even young can speak good Tamil and most of the Tamil stars can speak Telugu and they have a decent market when the movies go out of the border to the other state. It is something respectable done by them.

Another song was the BEEP song which was released unofficially by some anonymous person. It was viral in the internet and caught up like wild fire. Initially, it was said that Simbhu had sung the song with Anirudh composing it. Anirudh had washed his hands off from this issue as he could not be proved as the song had only Simbhu’s voice. So he alone got in the target and people from all corners started thrashing him and burnt his effigy, protested in front of his house and what not. I remember Simbhu always being the controversy guy. Right from the start of his career, his behavior of over the top kind of Hero roles were not appreciated. He had appeared to be a person with overconfidence and adamant character and his acting was not appreciated at all. I still remember the days when he had acted in Dum, Alai, Bosskey had made fun of him calling him a “Veralu Vithai Nadigar” as it had a lot of finger gestures. Kovil was the first movie which earned him some respect as he had left behind all the style and irritating acting. In his career, Manmadhan was a biggest milestone where he made people turn back with his splendid screenplay and acting. Thotti Jaya was a good movie. Then came Saravana, OH MY GOD- I seriously run away the channel if I see this movie, what a great overacting in each and every scene. He will be a like a baby monkey jumping around throughout the movie.

Coming to Vallavan, this was the start of his defamation. For the first time, he directed the movie and caused a hefty loss to the producer P L Thenappan during the movie production itself asking for reshoot as he was not certain with the story and so was the movie with the second half being pointless with a rubbish climax. About the same time, after release there was some intimate pictures released of Simbhu with Nayantara which caused a drift between the love birds and it was rumored that Simbhu had wickedly released the photo as a revenge. VTV (Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya) should be the next movie after Manmadhan which has given a boost to his career and made him more acceptable among the lady audience. If you look at his career. It is Manmadhan and VTV are the only Blockbusters and highly acclaimed movie of his 13 years career, wherein Dhanush has a big list of movies which are blockbusters. Recent Nadigar Sangam election where Simbhu contested in an important post lost to the opposite party but there were some firework speeches by Simbhu during the election. His movie Vaalu had released after so much hassles and when you see that movie, you will feel why did this movie even released. Believe me people, you can watch it only if that is the last resort to pass your Monday. Now the Beep song. As per his interview with a recent channel. He mentioned that the song was not an official song and it was a song made with some dummy lyrics but the word which was used was not Dummy. I can understand that he had just recorded it for the sake of doing it and not for any movie purpose but still how could he use such a word, it is actually “Enna Pundaiku Love Pannurom” with the beep over the word. Even the beep which is implied to be censoring does not fulfill its purpose. If you notice in some movies broadcasted in TV nowadays have a lot of words cut with no audio which people may find offensive, it does not give a clue of what the word is and that is how a censor should be. I remember they used to have beep in American media and whenever you hear a beep sound, you will not hear any voice, the beep amplification is set to high to make sure the offensive words uttered are non-audible. If you hear the beep song of Simbhu, you can clearly make out the beeped word. It is really astonishing to see a civilized guy like Simbhu using such words. These kind of words comes from low level street thugs who mix profanity in lyrics and sing it for their satisfaction. One more thing is that the Song seems be to be complete with mastering and you get the whole song with neatly arranged instruments and they have added a beep song layer over the offensive word. I am sure that this is definitely a complete song and I do question the release, whether it is pre-determined or an accident. Even the meaning of the song which translates to Why the F*C* should we love?. This same guy has been in love and intimate relationship with two of the best beauties in South indian cinema ie Nayantara and Hansika Motwani and asks us why we love. This guy needs to marry someone as soon as possible so that we will be saved in hearing his women slandering lyrics. Simbhu has to change his ways if he wants to succeed, During the last few yeard, we had lot of newcomers rocking the Tamil movie Industry like Bobby Simha, Vijay Sethupathi, Karunakaran and many others. If Simbhu really wants to sustain and be an actor, then he really has to prove himself again. Dhanush who is considered a rival for Simbhu from his early years is growing and flourishing year after year and on the other hand Simbhu is in his downfall over the years. Simbhu has a lot of junk or I can mistakes made in the past in his backyard which needs to be destroyed safely. He says there are people working against him. 1) Someone released his private kissing photos with Nayantara. 2) Someone released the Beep song without his authorization. 3) His movies do not get released on time as there are again people working against its release I don’t think any other actor in today’s world has such accusation and allegations against him T Rajendar must be really upset with the happenings and unhappy with Simbhu’s doings I can recall some T Rajendar interview where he boasts himself that he defeated the obstacles and he is what today but Simbhu on the other hand cries that they are troubling me blah blah blah. Even the other smallest and biggest actor’s movie are releasing on time without much problem but why is it happening with Simbhu. Its only Simbhu who can answer this.

While browsing the net, I got this video from Youtube where in you have a female giving a slap in the face reply to Simbhu's Beep song as a kind of a spoof/parody song. 
Believe me, it is a nice song with retaliating lyrics and you will enjoy more when you have actually heard the beep song of Simbhu.

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