Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lakshmi Menon VS a Serial Actress

A Non- Masala post in SouthMasalaPic Blog but still you come in

Tamil Cinema has produced the best actresses and we had the pleasure to see them dance, romance in screens. Always, an actress is considered to be a dream queen for the youth, you adore her beauty and it creates an excitement in your heart as well as under your pants.

Lakshmi Menon an actress whose movies are hit after hit in Tamil cinema. She is one of the celebrated actress in today's time. But when you think about it, what makes her so special. She is not fair or a real beauty with the best face cut and curves to be called a Kerala beauty. Tamil cinema has been importing actresses from Kerala long before it imported from North like the Ambikas, Radhas who had dominated the field during their hay days.

I am not against Lakshmi Menon but I don't understand why this is happening. The only thing she has in her favor is her age. Started at the age of 16 in movies and just now passed her 12th standard, she is really young but looks more like 25-27 year old when being just 19 as I write this article.

You might think is it Acting Skills that made her to be in the top. Nope is what I would say as we have Tamil bred heroines who are young as well as good in Acting but having difficulties in getting good offers and setting their foothold in the cinema industry. Also there is a scarce of Tamil Heroines in Tamil Cinema, which is a shame as we have to import other language actress for Tamil Cinema.

LUCK! Yes, you will agree and so will I. Some people have the luck to turn gold at whatever they touch but this is just a temporary deal and may soon fade out at any moment.

This is just a small life experiment I want to make for Men as this blog is mostly viewed by them

Your parents want you to be married they are searching for a bride.

I know people have different tastes, like the bride to be fair, slim, good looking and lot of factors and even dream of having a lookalike of your favorite actress.

They give you a photograph of the bride like the ones below. Which one will you chose?

Go ahead and click it, it is important to get a good look of your bride before you marry.

Serial Actress in the left- You might have seen her in Tamil serials acting as a lead lady and she seriously looks good enough to be a mainstream actress with the likes of Laila.

Lakshmi Menon in the right- Even with those curly hair and lipstick, she looks dull.

You can put your selection in the poll below.

Which one will you choose as your bride?

Serial Actress in the left
Lakshmi menon in the right
Poll Maker

I know who will win this. And it will be a history as mainstream actress loosing to a Serial actress.

Another one.

This one truly knocks the socks off. It is not about fairness people and being fair does not add to beauty. It is just about the beauty and the worth to be an actress. 

Monica who was a promising and 100 times good looking actress then her competitor in the image above had to quit acting and convert to Islam and marry some nerd.

If you see the above image both of them are in the same attire and see the difference.

I really feel sorry for Monica, she had the potential to reach heights and had all that takes to be a perfect South Indian actress but those idiotic directors did not give her much opportunity to act in good movies and she was dumped just like that! WHAT A WASTE OF TALENT. 

I am just thinking of actually cursing the ones who is responsible in the casting department for casting just anybody. All those Tamil Directors, please give a life to your fellow people instead of importing from other states,  Tamil Cinema fans had to bear the brunt of watching non- charming actors for some time and now this.

Please save the viewers....

You can tell me what you think about the post through the comment box below.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Torrie Wilson Hot Bikini Candids from Smackdown

It is already watermarked with Kingcandid so I won't be watermarking it

All HQ pics, click to enlarge the pic as well as your dick.

. :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Tapsee Hot cleavage Stills from Award Function

Tapsee sexy babe showing her cleavage and navel(thoppul) pictures.

Look at that slight bulge of her boobs, those white little bunnies who would be treat for the mouth.

Showing her black bra. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sada Hot Saree Stills with Navel captures from Eli with Vadivelu

So what happens when you are desperate to do something but the opportunities are dry.

You compromise and settle with what you get. Applies for everybody,

Here we have Sada starring as female lead for Vadivelu. Sada is known for her beautiful navel and we get to see it flashed in every upcoming films of her.

Enjoy the High resolution stills of Sada with Vadivelu from Eli

It isn't over yet. I have more treat for you from Sada

Add caption

Even my face became like Vadivelu after I saw these pictures, Enjoy and support us.


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