Friday, July 31, 2015

Trisha,Anjali and Poorna Hot Stills from Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar movie

Enjoy the Hot stills of Trisha and Anjali with Surya from the movie (what a big name) Sakalakala vallavan Appatakkar.

Trisha stills looks good and they say that all that cum that we drop is stopping from aging and she wants us to continue. Anjali is on a role and ready for anything nowadays.

So as it not enough to please us we have the ripe Poorna showing her sexy body in a item song guest appearance for the movie.

Anjali with her small boobs in white jacket looks terrific.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 31 ( Kavitha Solairaja Hot Side view of Boobs) Updated with new pics


It's time for another post in Southmasalapic Blog sponsored by Bidvertiser Ads.

We have another new entrant in this series, that is Kavitha Solairaja. I hope you know her, even if you don't you will recognize as soon as you see the pics. 

This lady has done some B grade stuff in the beginning of her career but not that explosive.  She was a regular for a heroine's friend in movies during the late 90's. I have seen her in En swasa katre accompanying Isha Kopikar is some scenes. One thing about this lady, she never aged till now looks the same may be it is her make up I don' know but she looks good.

Unlike my earlier post where I just bombarded you with pics, I have capped it frame by frame, cropped and merged the right part which everyone wants to see. I hope I can continue this in the future.

To give an overview of the below pic, you see Kavitha showing her petite boobs in side view through blouse. These are very rare and you should appreciate me for getting this pics to ya.

Enjoy the pics by clicking on it for High resolution

Some new updated pics of this cute babe showing her side boobs

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tamil Serial Aunty Series 36 Part-1 (Vadhana Hot Sexy Hug and tight boobs with Story review)

Hello Everybody.

Start your week with a bang,,,

Time for another update I am actually working overtime nowadays giving updates in this blog every other day. I search for hours sometimes to get the content which I like and then filter it out if the readers will like and then  get the videos capture and post it with a article to make it good and I hope you like this blog.
I know the ads are little intrusive but please bare with us as this is how we make something out this blog and it pays our bills (Only Internet bills) as my earnings are not that much .

Our Tamil/ Telugu Serials are developing in terms of intimacy and glamour but it can never compare to Hindi Serials which has KISSING Scenes and it is not a lip peck or in the cheeks but a Lip to Lip kiss. I am sure South Indian Serials will never go to the level of Hindi Serial.

Coming to the topic, We have our dear, darling, Sweet Heart, Babe Vandana in this post.
As you all know, we have earlier posted Vandana in the previous Tamil Serial Aunty series and we have appreciated her to the level she deserves. In this Serial, She appears to be a sidekick and kind of a character which makes a guest appearance for 100 episodes.You might think 100 episodes? still guest appearance as these Serials run for more than 1000 episodes.

We have the main Antogonist who has a wife already in this serial. Vandana comes as young widow who yearns for this guy and they have some intimate scenes in the serial and I mean it is intimate. Vandhana has a love marriage to a guy who is a drunkard and he never satisfied her bed desires and at the end she leaves him and stays with her father. She comes to know this guy who is already married but falls in love with him unaware of his Marital status and as what the serial says they consummate but the guy thinks of his wife and declines her request to marry him.

A small preview on what's in store in this post.

Vandhana Serial Actress

1) The Guy Vandana marries first is an alcholic and boozes all the time, She scolds him for not being responsible and then in the night the guy is again boozing and Vandana stares at him with a longing to consummate, he also gets attracted to her and gives a spark of smile, she gets some hope of finally doing it but that idiot goes to the bed and sleeps like a drunken monkey and we see Poor Vandana disappointed and depressed about it.

Vandhana looks dazzling in that tight yellow outfit.

2) Now comes the best scene, An Hug scene which are normally prohibited in Tamil serials and even if there is a hug scene, you might notice the actresses keep the hands over the person's chest to avoid any breast contact (LOL) but here it is not the case, we have an impressive hug but not that tight but still enough to raise the bar for Tamil Serials and also your ducks.

As usual there will be a thunderous lightning or Lizard jumping on to make the actress to frighten and hug our hero. Same story here and we have a Lizard jumping over her and she hugs the guy out of consciousness. 

Fuk that lizard! It never jumps on a girl when I am around. :(

3) Now this will blow your mind. We have a lust scene and this is not very often seen in Tamil Serials. It starts like this, Vandana is sleeping in the same room with the hero but in different places that is one in bed and the other in floor. The hero wakes up all of a sudden because of morning wood (he he he) and finds out our sweet vandana sleeping nearby in the floor and he moves near her and lays on the floor. He initially tries to touch her but is a little hesitant and goes for the jasmine flower and takes a nice whiff of it then proceeds with touching her face with his index finger and reaches her lips.


Vandana was having a dream and wakes up hurriedly and watches that the hero is sleeping peacefully, She takes time to recollect and find out what really happened and then goes to the fridge has a bottle of water and then goes back to sleep.

Nice closeup scene at the end there.

Okay, this post finishes here but don't go anywhere. I have more for you, the next part can be found in the link given below once it is ready . As due to optimization of the page to be viewed better on handheld devices also to not dump lot of pictures in the same post- The posts has been divided with the part -2 segment.


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