Friday, October 30, 2015

Babilona Hot Cleavage show in Saree- Hot caps

Hello there.

Another sexy post in for you all.

Babilona drachay palam pola rendu kanna.

Babilona is one of the best B-grade actress in Tamil cinema. She is actually a Mallu actress and had done some topless XX scenes in the past and you can google it to find out. She looked naive and not that good during her young age but after that she has transformed into a sexy milf. 

One thing I got reminded by Babilona is the way she talks, if you listen to tit I mean it, you will know the cuddling Tamil (Konjum Tamil). She is a mallu and acted in Tamil movies, so Mallu mixed with Tamil giving you a Tamil iyer accent.

She is a sexy and bold lady and never shies of against anything.

Now here comes the sexy saree caps of Bubbly Babilona exposing her boobs in Saree blouse.


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