Sunday, January 31, 2016

TSA Series 43- SunTV Archana Hot Figure in Saree.

Sun TV Archana Hot Side Boobs and Hip show in Saree from Ardhistha Lakshmi show

Whatsup everyone, it is a nice Sunday and if not I'll try to make it nice with this post.

Another update in the superhit Tamil Serial Aunty Series and this time we have a new entrant. I don't remember if she has done a full fledged serial but certainly she is a known face of TV.

Archana or SunTV Archana as you might remember, she started her innings in Suntv as show presenter and was succeeded by Swarnamalya for the show Ilamay Pudhumai in SunTV back in the early 2000's. Ilamay Pudhumai was one of kind show wherein you have a group of youngsters chit chatting about their likes and dislikes and some comedy skit with some mimicry with some movie songs and comedy. It was really a fun show. 

After Ilayamay Pudhumai show, SunTv Archana was anchoring Comedy Time show with Chitti Babu and she gained a lot of fame when it comes to small screen and could not forgotten by everyone. Her anchoring was fantastic, not much of any nonsense, she has a good skill of talking with viewers and chatting with them and also had a good voice tone to complement her looks. On the beauty side, she looked fantastic with nice bust and sexy figure. 

Obviously she has bloated now and still manages to look fine. I have to say, she has good anchoring skills and good to see her in TV. She has anchored many shows across Tamil Tv channels and this one is now famous- Adhirstha Lakshmi show from Zee Tamil TV channel. She often gives a nice side boobs show and little bit of hip show.

Enjoy the nice caps.

suntv archana hot

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Poonam Bajwa Hot Stills from recent functions

Poonam Bajwa Hot Stills from Kalavati movie press meet and Radio city

She is one of the babes I dig and my god I just wish to be her fukin boyfriend.

She started out her innings in South Indian cinema starting with Telugu and has gone a round over to all the woods. She looks cute and innocent and initially got through with love stories with various small time actors from all woods. In a Mallu movie with superstar Mohanlal,  they striped her off and made her act in a sexy item number and that led to her acting in a item number Madras to Madurai from Tamil movie Aambala- She was scantily dressed in the item song and I just could not resist my temptations. I thought finally they revealed her true colors and showed the world what she is really meant for.
Her movies in Tamil as a cute and innocent girl was not working as the movie Seval in 2008 with Bharath and 2 movies with Jeeva which is Kacheri Aarmbam and Thenavattu and both did very average to low business.

I have a special liking for this babe and who will not have- Her special features are Cute Face, Sexy Nose, tyre like developed hips, sexy thunder thighs. She will be sure a treat in the bed. Just thinking about this babe, gets me high.
I am sitting in front of my pc and writing this and I just can’t resist watching her pics and run to the washroom.

Enjoy the pics.

poonam bajwa hotpoonam bajwa hot

poonam bajwa hotpoonam bajwa hot

poonam bajwa hotpoonam bajwa hot

poonam bajwa hotpoonam bajwa hot

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Asin - Rahul Sharma Marriage- IMO

First of all.

Let us wish these Love Birds a Happy Wedding and let there be a happiness and joy surround them always.

asin rahul sharma marriage photos

This is not a Wikipedia style article but the real facts.

She started in Malayalam movies which is her origin and then shifted to Telugu movies where she did some nice masala scenes and song, after that she shifted to Tamil where she was overhyped and overrated that she went onto act with the top heroes of Tamil like Kamal Hassan, Vikram, Ajith, Vijay, Surya. After that with the blockbuster hit of Ghajini in Tamil, she got the offer to enact the same overacting role in Hindi. In Bollywood, she was once the most sought after actress after the release of Ghajini with Aamir Khan and signed for a movie with Salman. They thought there could never be a better debut and 2nd movie for any other actress. After a decent run in Bollywood, she is selected a rich businessman who is 11 years elder to spend the rest.

If you analyze her decisions and her career moves, she has gone with well calculated moves and I used to envy but appreciate her decisions.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kajal Agarwal Hot Cleavage show Filmfare Updated Pics

Howz up guys.

Kajal Agarwal in 61st Britannia Filmfare Awards 2015 event and damn her pink costume is so fantastic with low neck revealing nice cleavage. She is in a hindi movie called Do Lafzon Ki Kahani and it is about to release. May be she is promoting herself for the movie. 

This is really something new of her as you don't see her wearing cleavage revealing dress in movies as well as functions. She looks "Hot" though with her ample cleavage.  Call it an attention demanding costume from Kajal Agarwal but I love it. Hope she comes like this in every functions and makes us cum on her. 

The first time I saw it, I thought my eyes are deceiving me with a fake but it is real. Enjoy

Kajal agarwal filmfare cleavage

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Malavika Hot Scene with Arjun from Manikanda

Malavika or Shweta Konnur which is her real name is one of the hottest ladies who I fantasized during my college days. She is almost flawless with sexy and cute face nice hips and bulbous breasts. AAAHHHHHH
Just thinking about her gives me a strong hardon and when you see what is posted below, you will feel the same.

I remember her initial days in Tamil Cinema acting with minimal glamour and then came Vazhameenukum Vezhanga meenukum song which is chartbuster and it elevated her status in Tamil Cinema with good offers and she acted very glamorously in most of her movies.

A hot scene of her went unnoticed from the movie Manikanda and I somehow got to watch it and man it is such a sexy scene where the Arjun and Malavika are making out. Its Malavika fantasizing about making out with Arjun and it sure turned me on.

Check it out.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meera Chopra Caps Marudhamalai and Interview

Meera chopra my favorite dream girl. Well, I have a lot of dreamgirls and she is one of the favorites.

The south indian fans know her as Nila introduced in the movie Ah Aah. I still remember the days when SJ Surya had started this movie and named it as BF taunting all the people who criticized his previous venture NEW with Simran and Kiran. 
After some oppositions again, he had to change the movie name to Anbe Aaruyire and the twist here is that he had put a short form of the title and used it for promotions which ‘Ah AAh’ again slapping the face of the ones who were opposing him. This was the 2nd movie where SJ Surya had starred and acted and initial stills of the movies with some intimate poses were really nice to see with a color oriented costumes and background..

She started her innings with this movie with SJ Suryah. It was an average venture with Ar Rahman’s music providing some mileage and after that she did some number of movies in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.  During the making of the Tamil movie Jambavan which starred her and Prashant, there was an issue with the producers and her. She was supposed to act in a scene where she had to be drenched in a pond and it was said that she found the water repulsive and demanded for clean or mineral water. There was some disagreement with the producers and she left the spot without any permission. This issue was later settled smoothly and she successfully finished the movie.  One thing I have to say “She is a terrible dancer” who can just do light movements.

 Some years back, she had done a sexy and more revealing photoshoot which was fantabulous and she looked more like an international celebrity. 

A glimpse of it.

meera chopra hot

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sayali Bhagat Hot Caps from Kaattu Puli

Hello Everyone.

It is a nice Sunday and I have the time to post in

Sayali Bhagat, May be not so familiar for South Indian audience as she did very few movies. She is one tall lass I can say and to be honest being tall is a curse for actresses becoz most of the actors are around the 5'10 height mark- (I know what you are thinking) Anushka and Surya in Singam Yeah yeah they somehow managed it and we have now Singam part 3 coming with the same lead pair.

Coming to the topic, Sayali Bhagat is a Miss India winner which means you can expect beauty and she is darn beautiful and her special features are her pouting lips and sexy cheeks. She started well in Bollywood with the Serial kisser Imran Hasmi in the movie Train and then slipped out and was mostly coming as sidekicks. What is the best thing to do once you are out of fame, jump to smaller oceans like Kollywood and Tollywood, She tried her luck there and did few movies. She was mostly seen in advertisements and item promoting model.

This is from the movie Kaattupuli which starred Arjun and rest bollywood rejects. I don't know what the movie story is and it seems to be similar to Wrong turn where in here we have not so disfigured villainsm, it was a complete dud and never showed any trace of the movie even existing unless you search in the internet. 

Sayali Bhagat was used well for glamour, her face caps are enough to rock your meat. A little action near the water where Sayali Bhagat is dressed scantily and what else Enjoy

You can find the HD screencaps as well as the movie stills of Sayali Bhagat.

sayali bhagat hot kaattu puli

Friday, January 8, 2016

Simbhu Beep controversy - Second thoughts

Simbhu Beep controversy - Second thoughts.

I had talked about Simbhu’s controversial Beep song in my previous post wherein I was a little upset about his doings currently and was ranting a little bit here and there.

After a week hearing some of what the celebrities had to say on this issue is irking me more than that. They are picturing Simbhu as the most bad and evil guy there is..

First one in this list should be

Y G Mahendran- I don’t know why he is so furious and angry on Simbhu for this song that he asks Simbhu to be hanged. God damn, we are living in a country where there are vile things happening and the culprits gets away with it and Simbhu just for singing a profane word with beeped sound over it should be punished in this way. I don’t know what YG Mahendran has achieved in his career being a comedian compared to the likes of Goundamani and Senthil, he was just an average comedian. He is not even a poet or a lyric writer to get appalling on this issue and ask Simbhu to be hanged (So inhumane). May be he is taking out his jealousy on TR as both were from the 90’s and TR was much more popular among the masses.

Anita Kuppusamay- I always consider this lady with her husband as the best example of Love marriage. She gave an interview in TV and was thrashing Simbhu again for the beep song. In this mix, I don’t realise one thing. Is it okay to write lyrics using superior Tamil language and redirecting the mind to those sexual elements just like what the greatest poets in Tamil movie industry did. Her husband has sung a lot of true Tamil folk song and here we don’t have superior or advanced Tamil but just a colloquial Tamil which also indicates sexual elements. The famous songs of singer Kuppusamy which I remember is “Otha rubba tharein othukuttu vaadi namma *okka* povom” Another one should “Appan Panna *othathala* thappula aatha petha vethala” it is from Sivakasi featuring Vijay and Trisha. One more “ Kuruvi kodanja koiya palam kondu vandhu thariya”

Karthik- They call him the “Navarasa Nayagan” which translates to 9 facial expression Hero, wonder who gave him his name. He is a good actor in Tamil movie industry and was one of the Top 5 during the 90’s. I don’t know why he had to open his mouth regarding Simbhu’s beep song as if he has contributed a lot to Tamil literature in the form of poems and songs. At the start of the millennium, his market started to drop and he was alleged to be drunk all the time and does not attend the shooting. He is known to be a big womanizer and it is evident in a magazine published autobiography of an 80’s actress. He is known to be a casanova and gets the woman he wants in his bed.

I really felt sorry for T Rajendar and his wife Usha parents of Simbhu, they had to face the brunt and give interview online in order to save Simbhu.  Usha Rajendar was crying in her video and showed the love towards her son and  it can make you feel for him. I remember some of the words she gave in the interview, saying Why Simbhu should be hanged, What wrong has he done for the extent that he has to be hanged. He did not go in public and sing that song in front of a girl or anything like that.

T Rajendar was known for his music and lyrics more than his other skills. His love failure lyrics were from the heart and it soothes the person who is rejected by his lover. I loved his lyrics and can often relate myself.

Maybe there is a problem with Simbhu’s upbringing, he was a son of an established movie maker and for him coming into movies was not a struggle . From the time, Simbhu was born, he has been in front of the Camera starting from the movie ‘Uravai Kaatha Kizhi’ when he was just 6 months old infant. TR had always portrayed his children in all his movies in songs and he had a will to bring his son Simbhu as a Hero and as a father and a moviemaker TR did his job perfectly. Simbhu did a lot of movies in his childhood and TR made sure he is a well known face in Tamil Nadu. TR had an aim to make Simbhu as an actor and realized his dream.
Both Simbhu and TR always boasted and bragged about each other in every functions and it was good to see such a  Father- Son relationship.

If you dig on Simbhu’s character, he is a guy who will not fear for anything. He seems to be stubborn and adamant in his thinking of what he does is right. If he had come forward and given a small apology about this Beep song, it may have changed into air and these ruckus would have never taken place. His Twitter DP reads that “I am just an actor and God is my director” I won’t complain about being spiritual but you can be god fearing also.

6 months ago, Simbhu had appeared in Innimey Ippadithan movie’s audio launch. I am sure everybody can recollect about the things he said in that. He was literally moaning and whining about the bad things that has happened to him, I don’t think it was something you speak in public and that too in an Audio launch function of another actor. One of the lines I would like to highlight is that he mentions that people complain about him being late for shooting and does not give commitment to his callsheets and how did he make so many movies without not showing up for shooting. A week back, director Pandiraj had given an interview for Indiagliz youtube channel and he does complain about Simbhu being late on shooting venue. So who is correct?

Simbhu has to change a lot, if he wants to be go high and keep the haters away. He has been providing fodder for his haters to obliterate his image and his value of being an actor in Tamil cinema. Hope he changes. His age is 32 considering the next month February when he has his birthday, he has passed the traditional age of marriage for groom among South Indians or more specific Tamilians. TR should not wait any more and get him married as it will put an end on his Kisu Kisu affairs with various actress and he will not be writing and songs which may degrade woman.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

TSA Series No 42 (Sukanya,Vandhana, Aishwarya Hot in Saree)

As this is a special post marking the number 100th post of this year in this website, it will have 2 parts and this is the second part of this post. It will be a continuation with our favorite lady Sukanya and other ladies of this serial. I have to say all of them lured us with their charms and having a protagonist and antagonist characters, they competed in acting department as well as making us excited. All the beauties had appeared with normal to less makeup and still looked fantastic.Vandhana erect side boobs in bra over transparent blouse is an absolute treat for your ducks and what can I say about the real life apsara named Sukanya who has is epitome for beauty with killer curves and beautiful and flawless face.

Joining them for this post is Aishwarya and Vandhana. You may have seen these two ladies in the same serial in supporting roles, now see them again.

I will give Brindha Das a seperate post in

Enjoy the caps..

Sukanya Serial anandhamSukanya Serial anandham

Catherine Tresa Cute stills from Kathakalli with Vishal

Now what can I say.

I had ranted before about Vishal Kaka's actress enjoying instincts. Now the list goes on with Catherine Tresa. (I want to become rich and lucky enough to be an actor)

She looks cute and Fantastic in the High resolution stills below.


Catherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli VishalCatherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli Vishal

Catherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli VishalCatherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli VishalCatherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli VishalCatherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli VishalCatherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli Vishal

Catherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli VishalCatherine Tresa Hot Kathakalli Vishal

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Enter 2016 and Exit 2015

2015 has been one of the most screwed up year for me. Hope 2016 brings something better.


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