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Asin - Rahul Sharma Marriage- IMO

First of all.

Let us wish these Love Birds a Happy Wedding and let there be a happiness and joy surround them always.

asin rahul sharma marriage photos

This is not a Wikipedia style article but the real facts.

She started in Malayalam movies which is her origin and then shifted to Telugu movies where she did some nice masala scenes and song, after that she shifted to Tamil where she was overhyped and overrated that she went onto act with the top heroes of Tamil like Kamal Hassan, Vikram, Ajith, Vijay, Surya. After that with the blockbuster hit of Ghajini in Tamil, she got the offer to enact the same overacting role in Hindi. In Bollywood, she was once the most sought after actress after the release of Ghajini with Aamir Khan and signed for a movie with Salman. They thought there could never be a better debut and 2nd movie for any other actress. After a decent run in Bollywood, she is selected a rich businessman who is 11 years elder to spend the rest.

If you analyze her decisions and her career moves, she has gone with well calculated moves and I used to envy but appreciate her decisions.

Starting in 2001 with a Malayalam movie at the age of 15, she entered the filmdom and was one of the top heroines during the 2004-2010 period. She got her break from Telugu movie Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi and incidentally the same movie was remade by the Raja brothers in Tamil which again made her debut, so the same movie helped her career to launch in Tamil and Telugu (*1).  She did the remake of Saamy in Telugu in Balakrishna and it remains to be the best exposure of her career (OMG- Those songs and scenes- delicious), after doing vey movies in Telugu, she neatly shifted to Tamil as the glamor quotient is not that much compared to Telugu and the directors are fools to allow her to wear costumes covering her navel. It always irks me on why only she is allowed to cover her navel in songs. I am certain that she is not comfortable with exposing and getting mauled by the actors,  take an example of any song and she will have a midriff and navel covered well.

I am not sure, how she managed it with all directors as it was common for a lead actress at that time to wear midriff revealing costumes in songs.  She was also just like any other actress not somebody who came from Heaven. Navel was not shown in the first place forget any kissing or saree strip scenes with her but anyhow she got to act with the actors in the big league of Tamil Cinema. Even Kamal Hassan who is known for kissing his heroines could not suck on her lips. Actress Kanika offered more glamour than the lead heroine Asin in the Tamil movie Godfather alias Varlaru with Thala Ajith Kumar. Only actor cum director Prabhu deva was able to extract some exposure from her in the movie Pokiri but there was not much skin show but good enough to spit the venom out of your shlonge.

One more thing if you notice about her is that she rarely makes public appearances and also her photo stills are not available to a maximum like the ones which you get of all other actresses. Also, she will never make dance in stage for any events but will be there to get awards when other actresses famous or not normally dance in big film events.

So after Ghajini in Tamil was a blockbuster, director A R Murugadoss ventured to remake the movie in Bollywood and Asin was selected to reenact the same role. She did the same overacting and it became hit in Bollywood as well. She was in cloud nine and it opened the gate for her career in the nationwide famous movie industry. Now I heard this from a tabloid at that time that she had hiked her salary to keep the Tamil producers away as the salary for South Indian movies and Bollywood movies are different due to their reach. It was an opportunistic move by her to avoid acting in South Indian movies. Well, I can’t blame her completely but she should have thought about the stepping stone being Tamil movies which got her to Bollywood.
So first movie Blockbuster Hit, her second movie was London dreams which was a complete dud and it got buried instantly. At this her career was dull after London dreams and she was asked if interested to act with Vijay for Kavalan, she obliged and did that movie. Just above I spoke about her trying to keep Tamil movies out of her bay and now when her career came to a still, she is doing a movie.

No better example for an opportunist. You have to kill and eat in this fuckin world.

After that her career started closing down with the movie Ready being her last hit and then Bol Bachan being an average movie with Khiladi 786 being a below average movie and at the end ‘All is Well’ movie being the superdud to finish of her career.

So what next for an actress to do after her market goes down. Getting married and that is the best option instead of rotting in side roles and Item number (forget item numbers, Asin would never do one and even if she does it will be with full clothing and called a guest appearance as we will not have any items to see). So whom to marry, there is a general saying that most of the indian actresses get married to some rich business man and there is nothing different here. Asin is in love with Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma who I am sure must be having a fat bank account with assets all over the place. That’s really an informed decision to make as being an actress, you are bound to be liked by the male audience in general and so out of those audiences there will be some who are rich enough to attract the actress and get the chance to do something a million of fans wish to. ( You know what I mean).
In the movie Ghajini, she was faking an affair with a Mobile network owner and now she is married to a Mobile company CEO

She has also been involved in a lot of humanitarian work and we at applaud her for that. Claps everybody.
Whenever someone asks her about the meaning for her name, she says “Without Sin” means she is Pure, Yeah she just fell from the Sky.
Anyway lets wish her a Happy Married life as I always think good for my friends as well as my enemies coz enemies can’t be always an enemy.

Anyway some pics and have your last fap..... LOL

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