Sunday, January 17, 2016

Malavika Hot Scene with Arjun from Manikanda

Malavika or Shweta Konnur which is her real name is one of the hottest ladies who I fantasized during my college days. She is almost flawless with sexy and cute face nice hips and bulbous breasts. AAAHHHHHH
Just thinking about her gives me a strong hardon and when you see what is posted below, you will feel the same.

I remember her initial days in Tamil Cinema acting with minimal glamour and then came Vazhameenukum Vezhanga meenukum song which is chartbuster and it elevated her status in Tamil Cinema with good offers and she acted very glamorously in most of her movies.

A hot scene of her went unnoticed from the movie Manikanda and I somehow got to watch it and man it is such a sexy scene where the Arjun and Malavika are making out. Its Malavika fantasizing about making out with Arjun and it sure turned me on.

Check it out.

If I was the one, I would have kissed her breasts in that position.

Arjun feeling her up nicely and  bite her.

WOW! I would have squeezed Malavika's breasts  till her milk starts leaking.

Arjun should have put his hand inside her blouse and felt it.

I would love to suck on Malavika's juicy lips

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