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Simbhu Beep controversy - Second thoughts

Simbhu Beep controversy - Second thoughts.

I had talked about Simbhu’s controversial Beep song in my previous post wherein I was a little upset about his doings currently and was ranting a little bit here and there.

After a week hearing some of what the celebrities had to say on this issue is irking me more than that. They are picturing Simbhu as the most bad and evil guy there is..

First one in this list should be

Y G Mahendran- I don’t know why he is so furious and angry on Simbhu for this song that he asks Simbhu to be hanged. God damn, we are living in a country where there are vile things happening and the culprits gets away with it and Simbhu just for singing a profane word with beeped sound over it should be punished in this way. I don’t know what YG Mahendran has achieved in his career being a comedian compared to the likes of Goundamani and Senthil, he was just an average comedian. He is not even a poet or a lyric writer to get appalling on this issue and ask Simbhu to be hanged (So inhumane). May be he is taking out his jealousy on TR as both were from the 90’s and TR was much more popular among the masses.

Anita Kuppusamay- I always consider this lady with her husband as the best example of Love marriage. She gave an interview in TV and was thrashing Simbhu again for the beep song. In this mix, I don’t realise one thing. Is it okay to write lyrics using superior Tamil language and redirecting the mind to those sexual elements just like what the greatest poets in Tamil movie industry did. Her husband has sung a lot of true Tamil folk song and here we don’t have superior or advanced Tamil but just a colloquial Tamil which also indicates sexual elements. The famous songs of singer Kuppusamy which I remember is “Otha rubba tharein othukuttu vaadi namma *okka* povom” Another one should “Appan Panna *othathala* thappula aatha petha vethala” it is from Sivakasi featuring Vijay and Trisha. One more “ Kuruvi kodanja koiya palam kondu vandhu thariya”

Karthik- They call him the “Navarasa Nayagan” which translates to 9 facial expression Hero, wonder who gave him his name. He is a good actor in Tamil movie industry and was one of the Top 5 during the 90’s. I don’t know why he had to open his mouth regarding Simbhu’s beep song as if he has contributed a lot to Tamil literature in the form of poems and songs. At the start of the millennium, his market started to drop and he was alleged to be drunk all the time and does not attend the shooting. He is known to be a big womanizer and it is evident in a magazine published autobiography of an 80’s actress. He is known to be a casanova and gets the woman he wants in his bed.

I really felt sorry for T Rajendar and his wife Usha parents of Simbhu, they had to face the brunt and give interview online in order to save Simbhu.  Usha Rajendar was crying in her video and showed the love towards her son and  it can make you feel for him. I remember some of the words she gave in the interview, saying Why Simbhu should be hanged, What wrong has he done for the extent that he has to be hanged. He did not go in public and sing that song in front of a girl or anything like that.

T Rajendar was known for his music and lyrics more than his other skills. His love failure lyrics were from the heart and it soothes the person who is rejected by his lover. I loved his lyrics and can often relate myself.

Maybe there is a problem with Simbhu’s upbringing, he was a son of an established movie maker and for him coming into movies was not a struggle . From the time, Simbhu was born, he has been in front of the Camera starting from the movie ‘Uravai Kaatha Kizhi’ when he was just 6 months old infant. TR had always portrayed his children in all his movies in songs and he had a will to bring his son Simbhu as a Hero and as a father and a moviemaker TR did his job perfectly. Simbhu did a lot of movies in his childhood and TR made sure he is a well known face in Tamil Nadu. TR had an aim to make Simbhu as an actor and realized his dream.
Both Simbhu and TR always boasted and bragged about each other in every functions and it was good to see such a  Father- Son relationship.

If you dig on Simbhu’s character, he is a guy who will not fear for anything. He seems to be stubborn and adamant in his thinking of what he does is right. If he had come forward and given a small apology about this Beep song, it may have changed into air and these ruckus would have never taken place. His Twitter DP reads that “I am just an actor and God is my director” I won’t complain about being spiritual but you can be god fearing also.

6 months ago, Simbhu had appeared in Innimey Ippadithan movie’s audio launch. I am sure everybody can recollect about the things he said in that. He was literally moaning and whining about the bad things that has happened to him, I don’t think it was something you speak in public and that too in an Audio launch function of another actor. One of the lines I would like to highlight is that he mentions that people complain about him being late for shooting and does not give commitment to his callsheets and how did he make so many movies without not showing up for shooting. A week back, director Pandiraj had given an interview for Indiagliz youtube channel and he does complain about Simbhu being late on shooting venue. So who is correct?

Simbhu has to change a lot, if he wants to be go high and keep the haters away. He has been providing fodder for his haters to obliterate his image and his value of being an actor in Tamil cinema. Hope he changes. His age is 32 considering the next month February when he has his birthday, he has passed the traditional age of marriage for groom among South Indians or more specific Tamilians. TR should not wait any more and get him married as it will put an end on his Kisu Kisu affairs with various actress and he will not be writing and songs which may degrade woman.



Anonymous said...

Why there is a beep when the word is well spelled?

Admin Smp said...

Yes. As I said in the first post, the beep was not applied properly and with low amplification making the cuss word to be heard.

Katikalan said...

Wonderful article. Just what I thought.


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