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Aranmanai-2 Movie Review
I am not a professional reviewer but just trying it out.
So it was a dull Monday yesterday for me and having an off, I thought of getting some entertainment. I checked Bookmyshow site and found that Arnamanai-2 was running in a theatre near me.

I instantly booked the ticket and attended the matinee show.
I am a selective movie watcher and normally check the reviews and the ratings before watching a movie and first day first show is out of question. I prefer to watch the movie in the weekdays when the tickets are low with less of people No I am not a claustrophobic but I like to watch with silent crowd and no whistles and screaming which destroys the movie watching experience.

For Aranmanai-2 the things that pulled me to the theatre is Trisha (Yes the bikini scene), Poonam Bajwa, Hansika. Sundar C movies always has good elements of comedy, glamour and fun. I have to say, there was numerous occasions wherein I had control myself especially Trisha’s opening song and watching Poonam Bajwa throughout the movie.

Spoiler Alert- I don’t think it really matters now as it has been almost 2 weeks since the movie release.

Sundar C is a great director in Tamil cinema spanning for nearly 2 decades and still going strong and Aranmanai-2 is the second installment of the horror movie series from the director
   Movie plot has nothing new to offer but being mixed with some spice and ladies makes it tasty.
  • Having 3 major actresses, the screenplay has done justice by dividing the screen space and importance to them
  • Siddharth has done his role well as a side hero as this is what he is been doing nowadays. Even if he starred in a superhit movie, the credits goes to cast in the movie like Jigarthanda
  • Comedy is the major attraction for the movie and Soori’s part has to be appreciated. Not the best but certainly you won’t get bored especially the end portions.
  • Kovai Sarala proves to be the best female comedian in Tamil cinema yet again after Kanchana-2.
  • First half is added with extra glamour quotient with Trisha and Poonam Bajwa offering it abundantly with their clothings.
  • Don’t miss the first 10 minutes as you will miss the reigning Tamil queen Trisha in bikini.
  • Poonam Bajwa as a Kerala mallu nurse is enchanting. She has put on some weight at the right proportion and her looks have matured. She is a mainstream material and hope she gets more offers in Tamil and Telugu cinema.
  • This movie should be a cakewalk for a near veteran actress like Trisha but it was the first horror movie for her and she played her role nicely.
  • First half filled with comedy, glamour and some horror scenes and the second half compensates with nice flashback and the reason for revenge.
  • Hansika is nowadays a Sundar C favorite and she has starred in all of his recent movies, may be the nickname as Chinna Khusboo has been take serious by Sundar C or he may have had roped in a contract with her to make those number of movies.
  • Hansika’s role is minimal but she makes her presence felt and looks fantastic
  • Radha ravi is such a good actor in Tamil cinema and I don’t think there is anybody else who has been so long in movies with negative characterization. His deceiving role in this movie really needs to be appreciated.
  • Sundar C has his trademark actors in this movie as well. Starting from the carpenter, the Mandodri’s servant, house driver and has given some varied roles and makeup to avoid them being repetitive.
  • Khusboo madam has done an item number for the movie, should more be a called a guest appearance for the climax Amman song persuading God to defeat the evil.
  • Hip hop Thamizha’s music is a good addition for the movie and out of all Kuchi Mittai song stands tall. The re-recording has been decent for a horror movie.
  • All the behind the screen artists have done their job well as the camerawork and artwork seems to be good enough for a horror movie. (I am not intelligent enough to see the editing and other behind the screen skills)  On the whole, a complete entertaining movie. The movie might have some glamour but they have been compressed enough to attain a U certificate. You can give it a watch and will not get bored.

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