Monday, February 1, 2016

Jeevitha yesteryear actress Hot Saree caps

Jeevitha yesteryear actress Hot Saree caps from Mounam Kalaikirathu Movie

Jeevitha is one of the well known actresses during the 80's and she is one of favorites. I feel she has a kind of a spark in her face and her figure during the 80's was something nowadays woman dream of. She is one of T Rajendar's discovery and started with Tamil movies from 'Uravaikatha Kili', she was open to glamour and had done some nice masala scenes as per the 80's taste during her hey days. She was not the leading actress but the mid-tier category pairing up actor Suresh, Vijaykanth, Anand babu and many more during those time.  

After 1990, she settled down with Dr Rajasekar who was also a mid-tier hero started in Tamil and went to Telugu. This is actually interesting, Rajasekar was born in Tamil Nadu and he was a certified doctor but he had his interest in Cinema and so joined acting classes. He looked smart and innocent which led to receive lot of offers mostly as side kick. During the 90's, he rose to fame with good story oriented Telugu movies especially the dubbed Tamil movie Idhuthanda Sattam and never turned back to Tamil cinema.  The couple is into politics and doing something as I am not interested much in Politics, I am not sure where they stand now.

Anyway coming to Jeevitha, Her Saree and Sideboob caps in  blouse with her exotic expressions are always a treat to watch and it will make you say no to Bikini. Excuse me for the average quality caps.

Enjoy the caps


Ravi said...

She is the expression queen.. Hot Jeevitha

Anonymous said...

Very sexy actress and in white wet saree she looks very sexy and with her black bra anyone will be aroused to enjoy her


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