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How to Monetize your website for Indian traffic.

Monetize your website for Indian traffic

So what to do just posting only Masala content in this blog. Some of the readers had contacted me regarding monetizing their own site which has similar content to my site.

This post is something to do with the bloggers specially Indian bloggers or the ones who have Indian traffic coming in. I had a person asking me about monetizing his site which has similar content to this site. Please be informed that this is not what I heard or read from other websites but it is my own experience with these ad networks. I have seen a lot of reviews from many websites about the Ad networks and nobody tells you the real thing. I would say most of them are just luring you to join the ad network through their referral id for earning commission. I have not put any referral links.

Please understand that all the Ad networks will pay you only for real traffic and any kind illegal traffic through bots will not be tolerated and you account will be terminated.

How you can get paid from the Ad networks:

First thing you need is the medium to get paid and the most recognized ones accepted all over the world is Paypal. I remember opening up a Paypal account almost 8 years ago using a credit card and at that time it was mandatory for Indian customers to use credit card to open an account. The good news is that now they accept both credit and debit cards and you can easily setup an account with them. You can enter your bank account to receive the payments. The money will be converted to INR and sent to your Bank account
Please remember that for Paypal, the email address which you enter to setup your account will be your Paypal address and you will need to enter it in the Paypal payment section of the Ad network.

Also I would like to share another information about Paypal. As per the RBI instructions, Paypal will not store any money in your account and it will be automatically withdrawn to your bank account. And the turnaround time for the money from Paypal to your Bank account was earlier 5-7 days and now it is just 2 days. Yes, my recent Paypal dealings have been withdrawn to my bank account in just 2 days.

How can you monetize your website for Indian traffic:

First off, the Indian traffic has very less value in the international market when it comes to generating revenue from Ad networks.

I would say the major players India are Google Adsense and Yahoo/ Bing Ad There are no other major players. Good Adsense and are the ones which have some content in their banner ads and will be relevant to your site and can help you with Click through rate. Banner ads are the best  to give the visitors a good website watching experience without any popups/popunders. There are hundreds of ad networks apart from them but they don’t have any advertisers for Indian traffic and hence you always see that ‘Download’ and ‘Play now’ link in banner ads, also they pay almost nothing for any number of real traffic for the banner ads

Will Google Adsense and accept my website.

They are the best and they are the most stringent as well. They do not accept site which has copyright content, malware site, software and movie piracy, music downloads and lots and lots of thing which you can get it done easily. As far as I know, they will accept websites with low rankings and page views but the content should be original which seems fair to me.

Also please be informed that copying content is also not allowed in Google Adsense. Google search will not display your website in search results if it finds that your content is copied from other website. It works like this the original website will post its content and Google will crawl and index it and when it finds your website to crawls and indexes, it has a smart algorithm which checks the date and similarity of the content and will ignore or give less ranking for your links for search results. So always keep in mind that only original content is valid to have Google Adsense and

How do I monetize my site if Google Adsense or don’t accept my sites.

As I said earlier, there are lot of ad networks around the world and most of them target for US, UK, Europe and Canada (The developed countries) and when you insert these ads in your site which gets mostly Indian traffic, you will receive very few pennies a days even after giving thousands of pageviews and clicks.

But now there is a solution. After the advent of Android phones, came the apps. Every major shopping site has apps and they want their apps to be installed in all the phones. Now here the publisher gets benefited by Ad networks as you have these Indian shopping sites paying the Ad-networks for Indian traffic as that is their market. So when you browse through your Android and IOS smartphone, you can notice that the ads normally direct to the App downloading page and here the publisher gets paid

Which are the best alternatives of Google Adsense and

There are good number of sites but again they have some requirements and most of them are similar to adsense and
So if you want an ad network to get your website accepted easily then below are the few good ones..
Also I want to highlight that you get paid high only for Popunder ads with a rate of 1.6$ -2.5$ for every 1000 views but again it can be little intrusive and make your visitors go away.

1)  Propeller Ads- They started in around 2011 and have been gaining good market across the developing nations but they pay high for English speaking countries. They accept almost any sites and have very less requirements, they have a good number of options for inserting ad in Mobile and Desktops. Their Oneclick ads and Mobile Dialog ads are the best. The banner ads for indian traffic will pay you nothing and it’s best you avoid it to maintain your website speed instead of downloading the banner ad for nothing .

They have a minimum 100 dollar net 30 payment criteria wherein after you earn 100 dollars you will be paid in the next 30 cycle. They accept Payoneer, wire and others but Paypal is not supported which is a cons.

They give you a No Malware guarantee in their Ads so you can be free of any worries of your website getting flagged.

2) Bidvertiser Ads- Bidvertiser Ads are one of the best ad networks for Indian traffic and often having filled banner ads for desktop and mobile. They have a variety of options to include in the website for monetizing like Popunders, Inlay text ads, Mobile interstitial ads, Mobile catfish ads and banner ads. The pay is also more compared to any other ad networks which come under this category.

They were the best for Indian traffic until the mid of 2015 and after that they started falling down due to Malware issues in their ad network. When you insert their ad code into your website for monetizing, the malware starts to spread and this provokes Google to flag your website with a warning when your site is opened in Google chrome. As Google chrome holds a lion’s share in the browser market in both Mobile and Desktop platform, you will notice upto 50% traffic reduction wherein the visitors will stop by the warning page and will not visit your site again. If such things happen, you will need to remove the adcode and then ask google to review your website which will take around a week to 10 days to get near your old page view count. This issue has been experienced by many publishers all over the world and you can search it out.

I don’t know why Bidvertiser is doing this as there should be a way to control it or may be it is just done out of greed to mint more money..

I stopped using Bidvertiser due to their malware issues. I am ready to start again with them if they promise to be clean.

They have a minimum 10 dollar net 30 payment criteria wherein after you earn 10 dollars you will be paid in the next 30 cycle. An example would be that whatever you earn in the month of May will be paid at the last date of June  They accept Paypal, wire and other forms

3) - This is one of the leading Popunder network right now. They specialise only in Popunder/popads and give a good rate for Indian traffic. Almost all the websites are accepted here and you will start earning as soon as you enter the code. They have adult ads and accept adult sites as well, you also get the option to allow adult ads or not. They are also one of the site which is HTTP 128 bit secured similar to your email account to avoid anybody tracking your history.

The minimum payment is 5$ which is just fantastic according to me and they also have daily payments. So as soon as you reach 5$, you can claim it and it will be sent to your Paypal account within minutes.

If you have any questions please mention it in the comments, I will try to answer it.

Question given.

1) How much money I make from Southmasalapic Album?

Ans: It is not that much, I make around 10-15$ a month, the highest I have reached is 25$ in a month and it helps me to pay my Internet bills. This site is kind of a hobby for me and I have spent 100's of hours building it to what it is now and without any Website or HTML knowledge.


Anonymous said...

How much you are earning with south masala site. Just an out of curiosity question. ��

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article. Very helpful

Admin Smp said...

Good question.

To be honest, I am getting something equivalent to peanuts.LOL

I will update this on the site.


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