Monday, February 29, 2016

Roopini/rubini hot caps from Tamil Movies

Roopini/rubini hot caps from Tamil Movies Salem Vishnu and Ulagam Piranthathu Enakagga

Roopini/ Rubini was an actress in South Indian Cinema. She was mostly into Tamil movies and had some luck in Sandalwood and Malluwood. She initially started her career with Hindi movies mostly art films and then shifted to Tamil just when she was good enough to star in mainstream movies. Her first Tamil film was with AVM production Manithan with Rajinikanth, you can't ask for a better debut role and then she had a good number of movies with all the big stars at that time. She was apparent in movies for 5-7 years and then faded away from big screen marrying a doctor and settling down. This is how an actress's life should be, earn the fame, money and settle down when you are no longer approached.

Talking about the masala or glamour side of Roopini, she was liberal when it comes to exposing and being intimate with actors. She was a little on the plump and chubby side which mostly attracts South Indians and should I say everyone. You are cuddling or making out with your mate and you don't want to press on bones and having a little flesh is wonderful. She has exposed in most of her movies and the directors have made a good use of her. She also ranks in one of the most seductive song in Tamil cinema, the one that comes in Michael Madana Kamarajan Tamil Movie. I am not sure if she can speak Tamil but her lip syncs have been perfect even though coming from a different state.

I have posted her sexy caps from 2 of her movies. which is Salem Vishnu and Ulagam Piranthathu Enakagga

roopini roobini actress tamil

Forget the Heroes, she is treat for Villain and his henchmen. I believe she is the only actress to have been exploited by heroes and villains as well.

Now coming to Ulagam Piranthathu Enakagga where she is dressed scantily in a club song and exposing cleavage and a lot of midriff.

This will probably be the last masala post for the time as I will going on break. Take care and enjoy

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