Sunday, February 28, 2016

TSA Series 45- Vandhana Hot Navel Saree Hug

Continuing the Superhit series of Tamil Serial Aunty.

We have a Tamil serial veteran in this post and it is none other than Vandhana.

Her slutty side is getting increased day after day. Nowadays navel show in transparent sari is a everyday show but she has risen above with cleavage show and hugging the costars which was considered a strict NO NO in Tamil Serials. She definitely needs to go for Hindi serial with her talent. I was happy from one side but curious too on the other side on why she is exposing a lot nowadays. She plays the antagonist in most of her roles in different serial across Tamil channels and has a similar vamp like dressing. Don't be surprised if you see her in a vamp role in movies.

While searching content, I got to find the below from a daily Tamil Serial.

She is seen Hugging and kissed in the neck by her costar who looks like a Gorilla with beard all his face.

The best thing here is the dirty language they use, it used to be censored in movies and now it is being seen in Tamil Serials. Just check it out below and let me know in comments.

I wonder where is the Mahila sangam and also those useless creeds who protest for anything in Tamil Nadu. 

Check out the pics guys and let me know what you think.

vandhana tamil serial hot

So how will you know about the dirty language they used in this. I have a 1080p video for you. Enjoy

One more of this beauty.

Okay Guys. I hope you will enjoy this post. I will taking a big break and hope this will suffice the requirements for some time.


ilnavel said...

haaaaaaa sexy admin i m ur fan ... r u having page in fb?

ilnavel said...

haaaaaaa sexy admin i m ur fan ... r u having page in fb?


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