Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vidya Valli Hot Smooch Kiss from Aaravadhu Vanam

It is a nice Sunday and I have a treat for you all.

This is a discovery actually. You know there is a thing when it comes to celebrities, when they are new, they oblige to do some movies and some exposing scenes and it kind of remains buried until the star becomes famous then everything is dug out. This post is the perfect example for this article.

Vidya Mohan who is prominent among Tamil audiences through the serial Valli telecasted in Sun TV now. I have already added 2 posts of her before and they are the most popular ones in this site. This is the 3rd one and I have to say it is explosive.

You can check out the previous posts in the link below

Vidya Serial actress from Valli Serial Hot Navel Stills

This is from the movie Aravadhu Vanam released in 2011 starring some new comer and Valli with Bose Venkat. I was really amazed to see that Vidya had done a real smooch scenes, it is not a lip peck or just hiding the faces kind of kiss but a real smooch. It took time for me to believe it as it is not a fake but a real one.

Instantly after watching the smooch stills, I downloaded the movie and checked if the kiss scene was there What I got- There was the kiss scene but it was completely censored, it was a long shot where Vidya is seen getting in position with the hero and the scene is CUT. Whoever is the reason for the cut should have erectile dysfunction but the good thing is that they atleast released the kiss stills of the movie.

I wonder how it felt for that new comver guy to kiss Vidya's lusciously thick lips. I am sure he must be remembering his kiss with her every time he watches her face in Valli Serial.  Jeez I ogle at this lady and her beautiful face but somebody has smooched her in Camera. He is one luck A S S.

Anyway enjoy the stills

Vidya Valli kiss smooch
Vidya Valli kiss smooch

Valachu Valachu Kiss Adikiri paa.

Surprise Surprise, I got the video of the kiss segment, not that clear but still something is better than nothing. I take my words back which I mentioned previously. LOL



Anonymous said...

Hi Admin. It's great to see that you're back after a long time with your awesome posts. Do you respond to your mails. I noticed that you don't reply to many comments as you had only replied to one of my comment on Rani aunty thread :). Great work!

Mr. Nice

Admin Smp said...

I am extremely sorry for not replying to your comment Mr Nice

I am back to work and get very less time and internet to reply or post in this blog.

Thanks for visiting this site and I will try to post something good here and there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. I'm a great admirer of your work because you put so much effort into producing the best n interesting content. I've some actresses links to share with you. I'll send them to contact@southmasalapic.com and hope to get a response from you. Cheers!

Mr. Nice

Admin Smp said...

Thanks Mr.Nice

Feel free to send the links but I may not reply in a timely manner due to my work. But will reply as soon as I see ur message.

Have a great day.


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