Friday, November 11, 2016

Sameeksha/ samiksha Singh Hot and cute Pics

Posting after a long time.

Sameeksha is one of my favorite babes and too bad she is no longer doing movies in South Indian Cinema. But she is doing movies in her native language which is Punjabi so at least she is in news.

On the glamor side, she was mostly casted with young heroes and had those movies had some romance,. After like some 5-8 films, she disappeared from South Indian cinema. I had previously posted some posts on her and you can find in this website. And if you had remember she done a Bikini photoshoot and that too is available in this site.

Love her long carrot nose, enjoy the pics.

Samiksha singhSamiksha6Samiksha1Samiksha2Samiksha3Samiksha4Samiksha5Samiksha7Samiksha8Samiksha9Samiksha10Samiksha11Samiksha12Samiksha13Samiksha14Samiksha15Samiksha16Samiksha17Samiksha21Samiksha22Samiksha23Samiksha24Samiksha25Samiksha26Samiksha27Samiksha28Samiksha29Samiksha210Samiksha211Samiksha212Samiksha213Samiksha214Samiksha215Samiksha216Samiksha217Samiksha218Samiksha219Samiksha220Samiksha221Samiksha222Samiksha223Samiksha224Samiksha225

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