Friday, December 9, 2016

Anushka Sharma Hot Saree Slip from ADMH

Hello Everyone.

This post is for Anushka Sharma from the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

If you see my blog is dedicated only for South Indian Actresses but I have my likes in Bollywood too and Anushka Sharma is one of them. I liked her from the first movie of hers till now. Seriously she excites me a lot especially her sexy face and the low cut cleavage show she exposes. 

The movie ADHM released after facing some much obstacles and I was really waiting for the movie to release, not for Aishwarya but for Anushka Sharma as I was sure there will be some smooch and steamy scenes. Thanks to our Censor Board CBFC the smooch scenes of Anushka were cut but there is something to rejoice. There is a sexy saree scene and you know about Bollywood, Saree for them is transparent pallu over a Bikini top.

Anushka sharma has medium sized boobs and they hang out as seen in previous posts of this blog but here it looks delicious in Saree, Seriously I would love to cup it and mouth it.

Take a Look for yourself.

Now you can find the individual caps of my Booby darling Anushka below


Anonymous said...

pics are not loading.. and thanks for coming back.

Anonymous said...

The webpage and pics are loading well and good.


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