Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tamil Movie Hot Posters Vol-2 (Meena, Ambika, Bhanupriya, Sulakshana, Simran, Roja)

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It is the holiday season and hope you guys are doing fine.

This is a post about Movie Hot posters, you know Movie posters are the best promoters for a movie which is going to be screened in a theater. In the old times, the movie posters were the only way to get a glimpse of the actor and actress of the movie. Nowadays you have twitter, Facebook and YouTube with First look, teasers, trailer, Motion poster what not. 

These movie posters were the crowd pullers hence they normally have some steamy and hot poses which is sure to get your legs walking in the direction of the theater. Same way we have these hot posters in DVD, VCD covers which will excite your senses and make it buy the product. It is a advertising tactics to sell the product. There are some VCD, DVD companies in India which has that sensual poses to lure the people to buy those but when you play it in your tv, the quality is crappy and no where near to those clear posters of the movie. I have fallen for this, buying a DVD purely based on the sexy cover photo and what you see inside is crappy 360p quality.

Here are some of the Hot posters and I hope you will enjoy

To start with Vijay sleeping on Sanghavi boobs
Hot Anu in Pavadai

Bhanupriya boobs always stand out

Nice top

Another Bhanupriya poster

Tamil Rekha Hot Neck kissed

Sukanya Darling

Old Tamil

Devayani Closeup

Kamal with his bich Amibka

Saroja Devi

Hot Exciting pose by Kanaka showing cleavage- Nalla Paal sappirparu Vijaykanth

Nagma highlighting her breasts

Hot intimate pose of Lakshmi with Sivaji

Madhubala asking him to kiss her in chest

Meena Hot Navel


Simran Darling

Aishwarya hot legs

Sexy pose by Meena pressing her boobs on Vijaykanth

Hot Manjula

Poornima Aunty

Manjula again

Hot Ramya and Mumtaj

Kr Vijaya Hot 

Ambika hot

Anusha getting her boobs sniffed

Ambika face -sexy

Kanchana - the best

Kanchana- Her face is enough to get me excited

Madhavi getting intimate

Urvashi blouse

Roja boobs coming out

Sulaksha wet boobs in Blouse

What a pose, Bhagyaraj face on Nagma's breast

Another Nagma poster

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