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Director Suraj comments on Glamour

So in the past week, this thing is ringing bells everywhere in Tamil industry that is Director Suraj of Marudhamalai, Kathi Sandai fame making derogatory remarks about Glamour in Tamil cinema, recommending short dress for Tamannah etc

First lets decode this.

I saw the interview in youtube and the speech starts like this- Director Suraj says that he is a low class audience and prefer these type of things in my movies. And the thing that he mentioned about quarreling with the costumer for the dress size of actress was a little demeaning and that is the reason of all the retaliation from the (karpuk arasis- Chaste Queens) of Tamil Cinema  Tamannah, Nayantara and some others.

First thing is that being a director himself, should not reveal the insights of the movie industry as some may take it offensive and that’s what has happened here. Some things should be unspoken in the public and just needs to be executed.  Every director has his own way of thinking and working and the end what they strive for is a hit from the audience. Director Soraj being an assistant for Sundar C uses the same formula like him. In his movies, the main USP will be Comedy then comes Action followed by glamour. It is not a new thing, it is what was followed in Tamil Cinema for the past 3-4 decades. If you pick any of his movies, Comedy is the main crowd puller and it has been enjoyed by audience specially Thalainagaram, Marudhamalai, Mapillai, Padikathavan. He is a minimum guarantee director who can often pull of a hit movie status.

From the glamour side, I don’t think his movies have crossed any limits. The director has worked with bigwigs in his past movies like Trisha, Anushka, Hansika, etc  It does have glamour scenes but not vulgar scenes which will be rated A or may be asked to cut by Censor board due to not being in a good taste. His movies are as usual with Glamour wherein actress are exposing navel and thighs in duet songs- Not really very bad to be honest. You can watch his movies with your family upto an extent. A similar director in Tamil cinema who gives us commercial cinema but emphasizes more on action is Director Hari who also has the same glamour routine. To put it this way, they spend lakhs of money for erecting huge sets and bring dancers to make it look attractive but if the main starring actors don’t compete then it is a huge waste.

Tamanna lashing out at the director in Twitter was right becoz it was kind of degrading actresses who take crores of salary for exposing their body- It simply implies that they are kind of strippers. But for a laymen’s perspective about actresses wearing these revealing dresses is that she is wearing such short clothes but her bank account is not complaining. These actresses take a premium to wear such clothes and perform. The amount of money they demand depends upon their market and Tamanna posses a good market in south film industry. She is termed as a flop actress as all her movies in Bollywood with bigwigs failed miserably. Her movie Vyabari with SJ Surya still reminds me about the rain segment in a song where SJ Suryah devours her and to add to that there was a still photshoped making it look like a B-grade movie, Ayan movie gave her a new life and she is still running with the popularity with which she is running till now.

Here are the pics of the Tamannah with Sj Suryah. She was 16 when she did this movie. WOW

tamannah sj suryah1tamanna sj suryah


In Telugu she has done some explosive glamour roles where the actors smooch and worship her navel. She did this all with her consent demanding a fat pay check. Also who can forget the Bahubali Scene where she reveals herself to actor, I am sure the actor must be searching where her boobs as she hardly has anything and should be A size.

Now coming to another actress who condemned it, who? Nayantara. She is nowadays called Tamil lady superstar. WOW! According to me, she is overhyped and over rated and it all started with the temple building scene from Soodhu Kavvum. She does work hard for looking good and she still looks good but it kind of looks artificial. She is again not new to glamour and has done some explosive stuff before but now she is getting good opportunity and most of her movie makes good business with minimal glamour. She has been a controversy queen from the start of her career with affairs with Simbhu, Prabhu deva, Vignesh Shiva, Udhaynidhi Stalin. She is still getting wonderful offers and you can expect her movies for at least more than 2 years. I’d be more happy if she does glamour roles.

One thing I have noticed, all the actresses prefer to be in Tamil Cinema as the glamour quotient is less and more chances to perform and get accolades.

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Nayantara acts as our Sathiya Savitri. She was almost a husband stealer.


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