Thursday, January 12, 2017

VJ Maheshwari hot tight boobs from Chennai 600028 II

Hi Everyone, I hope this year started off good for you folks.
Time for another update in this blog, actually I had taken time to write this article as I was waiting for the movie to release in the net.
Chennai 600028 2 is the second installment of the same movie name in the year 2007. Well I hope most of them have watched the movie and it was a success at the box office. I got the opportunity to watch the movie in theatre and it was a good watch. But if the movie has to be featured in then it must have something to do with masala.

There are lot of women in the movie mostly the spouses of the stars and also we have the infamous Soppana Sundari song featuring Manisha Yadav. The movie did not cross and glamour borders nor did it have enough glamour. The Sopana Sundari song which is meant to be in the lines of “Kodana Kodi” from Saroja and “Missisipi” song from Biryani was less in glamour compared to the latter for a Venkat Prabhu directorial. The song was shot in low lighting and you can hardly get a good glimpse of Manisha Yadav. She is dressed conservatively with no cleavage or navel shots. It was really a disappointment from Venkat prabhu that Manisha Yadav was not much utilized.

Anyway coming to the caps, it is for VJ Maheshwari who comes as one of the spouse of the actors in the movie. I remember watching the trailer of this movie and there was a small clip where she is shown in tight dress and I got a eyeful in the movie theatre and now I want to show this to you. It is just a matter 4-5 seconds but still worth fappable.

Mind you, I had to spend 1 GB of expensive mobile data to download this in the middle of the night for me to fap and give you the caps. LOL

VJ Maheshwari hot

For those who like individual caps, you can find it below

Check out the 6th & 7th pic, the guy cannot take his eyes off her mammoth mammary. ( Can’t blame him though) 
VJ Maheshwari 01VJ Maheshwari 02VJ Maheshwari 03VJ Maheshwari 04VJ Maheshwari 05VJ Maheshwari 06VJ Maheshwari 07VJ Maheshwari 08VJ Maheshwari 09VJ Maheshwari 10VJ Maheshwari 11VJ Maheshwari 12VJ Maheshwari 13VJ Maheshwari 14VJ Maheshwari 15VJ Maheshwari 16VJ Maheshwari 17VJ Maheshwari 18VJ Maheshwari 19VJ Maheshwari 20VJ Maheshwari 21VJ Maheshwari 22VJ Maheshwari 23VJ Maheshwari 24VJ Maheshwari 25VJ Maheshwari 26VJ Maheshwari 27VJ Maheshwari 30VJ Maheshwari 31VJ Maheshwari 32VJ Maheshwari 33VJ Maheshwari 34VJ Maheshwari 35

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