Monday, February 13, 2017

Tamil Midnight Masala Song Collection- VCD which I bought

Hello Everyone
Coming up with another post in I have been posting about the ones I like and it has been sometime since. There may be some advert readers for this blog and one of them should be Ilnavel yes, that is the username which comes in the comment and the rest are anonymous (that is the reason I put anonymous option in reader comments for anyone to come freely comment on the blog and article) . I am sure there are lot of them but they don’t want to comment.
Okay. Starting from my childhood, I have been a masala lover and being a Male, you should like female and most importantly the beautiful female. I remember watching movies in SunTv which was uncensored those days and always pray that nobody is around when the masala scenes comes. Yeah everyone does that. TV channels will have their own programming and you cannot watch instantly which you want to watch and there were no other means like Youtube or Smartphone to watch in privacy and in on demand. The only option available was VHS and it was not that easy to get movies. My Go to channel for watching and fapping was Telugu tv channel TEJA which never disappoints me. Winking smile
Around the year 2000, VHS was fading off paving the way to VCD and then came DVD around the year 2003-04. Initially VCD players with MP3 support came during the 2000’s and there were lot of Chinese brands like Actron, Geepas etc which were cheaper and would be available for 1000-2000 Rs. I had bought one after so much struggle with my parents. Now what do I watch in these. around the same time there were lot of VCD shops selling Tamil mp3 songs and movies also the pirated movies in VCD. The term ThiruttuVCD was so much famous at that time, you can watch latest movie in Cam print for 30 Rs, the name was so famous that they named a website on that.
There were some VCD shops in my place and they had a good collection of movies and songs. I bought lot of MP3 songs of various music directors and actors. Now coming to the topic related to masala. They used to have Midnight masala songs, a collection of hot glamour songs of Tamil Cinema with different volume. I bought one of the VCD to check what's in that and that was the beginning of me into being a  Masala lover. I often used to play the VCD when nobody is around and that was my fapping start.
It was a 15-16 song collection and do remember a lot of songs from the collection, I will write it down here with the Youtube video available in the net. I cannot go by the same order of the songs in the VCD as it was around 15 years back. The clarity of some of the songs were really good and rest were very bad as per VCD standards.

1) Rathiri Nerathu Poojayil (Disco Shanti)- This song was the first song in that VCD as I remember it used to play automatically without my permission to start.It was sung by BS Sasirekha and music by Manoj Gyan.  It is one of the super hit song of those times, it did not have much masala except some disco shanti and crew dancing around in a beach in skimpy outfits. This song has a cult following till now, I have it in my smartphone and listen to it sometimes. The opening Jarring guitar is the highlight, Dangu… Dang …..Dang.. Dang.

2) Naa Poveduthu Vaikanum pinnala (Ambika- Kamal)- Composed by Ilayaraja and sung by SPB and S Janaki, it is a good masala song with cute expession and vocals given by the singer. On Screen, Kamal and Ambika romanced nicely with Kamal kissing her all the time. Kamal and Ambika made a great pair and all were commercial movies which had something good for masala lovers.

3) Vaa Kathirukka Neramillai (Karthik- Sivaranjani)- This is a great melodious song composed by IR and sung SPB and S.Janaki. Sivaranjani was a queen of her time, very cute and hot. Her light eyes with beautiful face combined with short by stubble figure made her great. On screen this song had all the elements of a good masala glamor song with Karthik enjoying this beauty nicely. There is a sexy lip peck between the lead pair in the song. One thing I wish to write is that there is a segment where the actress is wearing a shirt and drenched in water. Lot of people claim that it is a see thru shirt and can see her nipple. Well , I tried checking it with my eyes wide open and even using a magnifying glass but could not find any and only a poor quality of the song is making rounds in the internet nor it is available with SUN TV to get a 720p clarity.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Neetu Chandra Hot Stills from Singam 3

Today is the release of Singam 3 and it has got good reviews among the audiences and should be a super hit like the last two installments of Singam series. In this movie, we have two heroines like the last one and here we have Shruti replacing Hansika. The omnipresent actress in all the three movies is Anushka Shetty, I am sure, she was included in the movie as a lucky mascot to avoid any sentiment. Anushka shetty is now like your next door aunty, she has put on weight for her movie Inji Idupazhagi but forgot to loose it. she is in her mid 30’s and certainly her age will catch up. I am sure there will not be a navel song in this movie since it will be ugly and Shruti hasan will fill that part. Shruti hasan, I am not a dearest fan of Shruti but still like her.

Coming to  another lady in the cast who is doing an Item number Neetu chandra. Well, I simply love this lady. I was not a fapping fan of her in the beginning but now certainly is. She is winning the coveted title of Arabian horse from the previous holder Anushka. The item number in Singam 3 is certainly something the masala lovers should look forward to. She has gained weight and filled up her thighs and back and looks  malvellous, amazing, dick raising, I certainly wish if they release that song in Youtube first.

Wish I could make her sit in my lap and ask her to grind. OOOHhhhhh

Anway you guys too have a look at these high resolution pics.

Neetu Chandran Singam 3 iNeetu Chandran Singam 3 iiNeetu Chandran Singam 3 ivNeetu Chandran Singam 3 vNeetu Chandran Singam 3 viNeetu Chandran Singam 3 viiNeetu Chandran Singam 3
Anushka Shetty
Anushka Shetty singam 3 iAnushka Shetty singam 3 iiAnushka shetty Singam 3
Shruti Hasan
Shruti hasan singam 3 iShruti hasan Singam 3

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vineetha Feeding milk to Prabhu- Periya Kudumbam

  Vineetha Feeding milk to Prabhu with extras Vichitra and Chitra from Periya Kudumbam

Hi there,
Another post in this blog. and this is kind of a masala scene review . The movie is Periya Kudumbam released in mid 90’s, it is a Comedy, drama, Masala movie. We have not one but two actresses to provide glamor. This movie was directed by K.S Ravikumar- I don’t know how he does that, some of his movies are well and good and others are above average.  I don’t know about how it performed in the box office but I am sure it should be average to flop.  The movie being a family drama has lot of actors. In the female side, we have Vineetha and Kanaka to provide us with Glamour then we have Vichitra for more glamour and then comes my darling Chitra and the famous Lakshmi
Now there are lot of masala scenes in the movie but coming to the main one. You must have already seen this in youtube and Masala sites but here you see the caps with review.
The screenplay for this titillating scenes have been well crafted to make the audience go Hola. I don’t know the person who is responsible for these scenes but we from for the whole of Masala lovers thank him from the deep of our heart or should it be from our dick. 
Coming to the scene, we have our Hero Prabhu taking pushups and then comes Vichitra who is the milklady (Good choice of profession for her) ogles at him. Just not simple ogling but with a sexy expression and exposed cleavage.
Actress Vinitha who is also hitting on our hero feels jealous and sends her off. She is little afraid and wants to get all his attention and thinking about to how to do it.Baring teeth smile
Now comes my darling actress Chitra who is the sister of Vineetha in the movie. She tries to help and brings a jar of milk.  The thing you should notice here is that she covers her breasts through saree while walking in with the Jar of milk. Hot smile

So what did you understand by this- I am an average guy and looking at Chitra huge breasts in side view I just thought that may be she hand expressed her own breastmilk into that jar. (Don’t blame me) She comes to Vineetha and says “Mama exercise panni tired aa irruparu, mamaku paal kuduSmile with tongue out. Well this line just fuels my fantasy.    
Vineetha like a obedient girl takes the milk jar and goes to Prabhu. And look at the way she is offering milk, projecting her own boobs with milk jar near his mouth (On par with Bhojpuri movies)
Prabhu acts as if he is not that interested and gives a shock reaction. He takes the milk jar and drinks it and while doing it spills it all over his face.
Chitra signals Vineetha to clean his face with her pallu again she obliges and does that but here we have one more thing to watch out. She pulls his head and places it over hear breasts and then cleans his face. (LOL, I haven’t seen this kind of treatment anywhere). This movie has lot of masala scenes and make a 300 page book out of it. LOL Open-mouthed smile
Lucky Heroes get to enjoy these beauties on screen And these heroes also use their influence to get these beauties in their bed.  He has a big lucky mole somewhere.
Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this post, Give your comments below


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