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Studio Green Gnanavel VS Tamilrockers- IMO

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This is and I post mainly masala related things but since it has been with me for the last 6 years, I have made it like a channel to give my opinion on Cinema related things. I know nobody cares about my opinion but it may reflect yours too and little informative too.

This time I have brought you with my opinion on the the recent Producer vs Pirate fight happening in Tamil cinema. Which is KE Gnanavel of Studio Green movies VS TamilRockers (A website which posts latest theater rip and High definition rip of movies.

Yesterday that is on 4 Feb 2017, there was audio launch of Vijay Antony movie Yeman produced by Lyca productions and distributed by Studio Green movies.

First off, producer Gnanavel is prominent in Tamil cinema during the last 5-6 years  with movie production and distribution through Studio Green movies. He has a backing which is actor Sivakumar’s family, incidentally they are relatives. Sivakumar’s both sons Surya and Karthi have acted in lot of movies produced by Gnanavel. So without any question asked,both the actors have starred in several of the movies produced by Studio Green movie Gnanavel.

Secondly, Tamilrockers is a pirate website posting latest movies and music through Torrents and File sharing websites. It has been there for a while and most visited website by Tamil people and it is growing day by day. If there is an internet user and he likes to watch tamil movies online then I am sure he is aware of Tamilrockers. There has been lot of complaints related to the website and it was banned time and time again but it still re-emerges with a different domain that is .net, .ac and now .cz . They have a vast collection and are quick on posting anything that is released through paid medium
                       If you ask the question, why do they run this website. It is to serve people with services free of chargebut they do have ads in their website. As I wrote earlier in monetizing or making money with your website. These websites cannot be accepted by media giants like Google Ads and Yahoo’s but still gets accepted by other sites. Their internet traffic is huge as most of the internet community likes to download and watch movies in the comfort of their laptop or smart phone. They do make money but I am sure it is not that much as they have to pay for server costs and website maintenance (as they have to change the domain and be out of reach of the law) but still if it is operated by few people then they can mint good money out this website.

 Enough of the introduction of both the parties. Now its time to rumble.
In the audio of Yeman. Producer Gnanavel had thrashed the people operating Tamilrockers website. Yes, it is agreeable that a producer will be angry when his movies gets released online during its run in Theater. Lot of people who actually want to watch the movie in Theater might end up watching it online due to various reason like, non-availability of that specific movie in his place, Expensive tickets (which are actually agreeable upon the areas and the amenities available in the theater). In my place, the lowest ticket rates are 70 Rs for just an ordinary theater and the highest would be around 250-300 rs for HIFI Multiplexes where the video and sound quality are the best, Any other reason would be to looks for masala scenes -LOL I do that and there some movies which have been downloaded for masala stuff but never completely watched yet.

But the thing with the speech given by Gnanavel raja is that he was openly abusing the Tamilrockers team with really bad words in Tamil. I am sure this certainly would irk them more and would create hate and revenge against him. Yes, you try to catch them and bring them to justice not verbally abusing in public. If you guys want to know what was said, check Youtube and it is all over the place. During the same speech he said there are lot of loopholes in Cinema industry, I wonder what they are but one of it is certainly capturing the movies in theatre. Thanks to technology, now everybody can do that with their smartphones but the theatres which I have visited always has a person to check and avoid this. So probably some are supporting this act.

The best part in his speech was that he was claiming that Tamilrockers were going to livestream the movie Singam 3 in Facebook at so and so time and then said that he will catch them in 6 months and live stream that from Jail. LOL

Next was Vijay Antony who gave a small speech in that event. He was very polite like the way he always was and revealed something which may be true regarding the background the people involved in Tamilrockers. It was like the Tamil rocker team member might have dreamed to become a director or screenwriter or anything in Cinema field but did not get a chance or were shown the open door which may have resulted for their Vengeance Again LOL

Hope nobody gets hurt in this is what I would say.

Also for the people who don’t want to go theater can watch latest movies online and that too Legally. Herotalkies, Tentkotta, Apple’s Itunes are few websites which serves people with latest movies at the best quality, they have even grown to stream 4k videos online for a nominal fee. Less than 10$  a month and you can watch the latest movies and their old collections at the comfort of your home with your entire family. They normally release the movies in their sites after it has finished its theatrical run.

The funny thing here is that even the movies from these websites are being ripped and pirated online on the same day they release. .  

Anyway we at want everybody to live happy. Now you figure out how?

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