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Tamil Midnight Masala Song Collection- VCD which I bought

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Coming up with another post in I have been posting about the ones I like and it has been sometime since. There may be some advert readers for this blog and one of them should be Ilnavel yes, that is the username which comes in the comment and the rest are anonymous (that is the reason I put anonymous option in reader comments for anyone to come freely comment on the blog and article) . I am sure there are lot of them but they don’t want to comment.
Okay. Starting from my childhood, I have been a masala lover and being a Male, you should like female and most importantly the beautiful female. I remember watching movies in SunTv which was uncensored those days and always pray that nobody is around when the masala scenes comes. Yeah everyone does that. TV channels will have their own programming and you cannot watch instantly which you want to watch and there were no other means like Youtube or Smartphone to watch in privacy and in on demand. The only option available was VHS and it was not that easy to get movies. My Go to channel for watching and fapping was Telugu tv channel TEJA which never disappoints me. Winking smile
Around the year 2000, VHS was fading off paving the way to VCD and then came DVD around the year 2003-04. Initially VCD players with MP3 support came during the 2000’s and there were lot of Chinese brands like Actron, Geepas etc which were cheaper and would be available for 1000-2000 Rs. I had bought one after so much struggle with my parents. Now what do I watch in these. around the same time there were lot of VCD shops selling Tamil mp3 songs and movies also the pirated movies in VCD. The term ThiruttuVCD was so much famous at that time, you can watch latest movie in Cam print for 30 Rs, the name was so famous that they named a website on that.
There were some VCD shops in my place and they had a good collection of movies and songs. I bought lot of MP3 songs of various music directors and actors. Now coming to the topic related to masala. They used to have Midnight masala songs, a collection of hot glamour songs of Tamil Cinema with different volume. I bought one of the VCD to check what's in that and that was the beginning of me into being a  Masala lover. I often used to play the VCD when nobody is around and that was my fapping start.
It was a 15-16 song collection and do remember a lot of songs from the collection, I will write it down here with the Youtube video available in the net. I cannot go by the same order of the songs in the VCD as it was around 15 years back. The clarity of some of the songs were really good and rest were very bad as per VCD standards.

1) Rathiri Nerathu Poojayil (Disco Shanti)- This song was the first song in that VCD as I remember it used to play automatically without my permission to start.It was sung by BS Sasirekha and music by Manoj Gyan.  It is one of the super hit song of those times, it did not have much masala except some disco shanti and crew dancing around in a beach in skimpy outfits. This song has a cult following till now, I have it in my smartphone and listen to it sometimes. The opening Jarring guitar is the highlight, Dangu… Dang …..Dang.. Dang.

2) Naa Poveduthu Vaikanum pinnala (Ambika- Kamal)- Composed by Ilayaraja and sung by SPB and S Janaki, it is a good masala song with cute expession and vocals given by the singer. On Screen, Kamal and Ambika romanced nicely with Kamal kissing her all the time. Kamal and Ambika made a great pair and all were commercial movies which had something good for masala lovers.

3) Vaa Kathirukka Neramillai (Karthik- Sivaranjani)- This is a great melodious song composed by IR and sung SPB and S.Janaki. Sivaranjani was a queen of her time, very cute and hot. Her light eyes with beautiful face combined with short by stubble figure made her great. On screen this song had all the elements of a good masala glamor song with Karthik enjoying this beauty nicely. There is a sexy lip peck between the lead pair in the song. One thing I wish to write is that there is a segment where the actress is wearing a shirt and drenched in water. Lot of people claim that it is a see thru shirt and can see her nipple. Well , I tried checking it with my eyes wide open and even using a magnifying glass but could not find any and only a poor quality of the song is making rounds in the internet nor it is available with SUN TV to get a 720p clarity.

4) Sandhanam Maarbiley(Karthik- Ranjitha)- This song was composed by IR and sung by I don’t know who. The print quality was so bad that I had to often skip to the next. The song had decent exposure of Ranjitha but nothing that sort to remember. It was kind of a slow intimate song.

5) Kungumam Manjalukum (Vijaykanth- Kasthuri) – The song was composed by |R and sung by Yesudas and Janaki. It is one of my favorite song of IR, very soothing song, the opening chorus of the song is ultimate. This song has very less masala except for a small cleavage shot of Kasthuri

6) Illithu pothi naa (Vijaykanth- Aamani)- Again by IR and sung by Mano and Janaki This is one of my favorite hot songs in Tamil and I have written enough in these posts. Click here.(Like the Top 10 movies guy says- “Indha padatha podhiya alavu ku azhasiyathala adutha paatuku pogalam”

7) Andhi varum neram (Bhagyaraj- Urvasi)- Again by IR . This song was not a favorite of mine but it had few groping and kissing scenes. In this movie, Urvashi was too young for my taste

8) Theendai- En Swasa Katre ( Arvindsamy-Isha Kopikar) For a change, this one is by ARR. This is a great song with intimate lyrics but on screen there is nothing for masala lovers. May be the initial moaning sound given by the female lead convinced the person to add into this collection.

9) Rathiri Neram rayiladi oram (Satyaraj- Bhanupriya) Again composed by IR and sung by Janaki with SPB. I am in a dilemna whether this song was present in the collection but still my memory tells me that it was. It is a nice masala song with Satyaraj enjoying Bhanupriya to the limit. The start of the song creates the mood with SPB kind of moaning and on screen Satyaraj groping and hugging Bhanupriya heavily.  We have bhanupriya in wet saree near waterfall exposing her sexy figure, Satyaraj spitting water at her face. They both did have good chemistry. Bhanupriya did liked getting enjoyed by Satyaraj as all the movies which starred this pair had something good for masala lovers.

10) Katti pidikatuma (Vijaykanth – Aamani) Forget the singers, it is the same as in the previous songs. It was the second song in the collection of the same movie. Two hot songs in the same movie between the lead pair was rare on those days but this one had less of masala compared to the other song. On screen this song had Aamani trying to Woo Vijaykanth with some sensual lyrics to add to the flavor.

11) Thottuparu (Vijaykanth- Ambika) Again IR and Janki combo. This is one of the best hot songs of Tamil cinema. Ambika dressed in the pink saree and blouse exposing nicely with Vijaykanth. Ambika’s cute petite breasts wrapped in tight blouse was the highlight of the song adding with extra sensual lyrics.

12) Kulikumpothil (Mohan- Nalini) Again IR with M.Vasudevan and Janaki- The song starts with both the leads bathing and romancing with some visuals in garden and later end with a copulating scenes. Nalini wearing a towel and hugging mohan was a treat.

Okay. I have got some 12 songs after recollecting my memory and it refuses to given any further details. Still 3-4 songs are missing and I am not sure which ones, hey come on its been 15-16 years and I am happy that my memory served with at least this much details.
One similarities between the songs were that most of them were sung by Janaki and composed by IR( Well, he ruled Tamil cinema on those days)
Fuck, I don’t remember the exact marks I got in my government exam but do remember these stuff. LOL
Anyway guys, if you also have bought this VCD collection and know the rest, please don’t hesitate to write in the comments. I hope you had a good read.
That's all folks. Please give your comments.

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