Friday, March 24, 2017

Kanchana (Yesteryear Actress) Hot Saree Caps

Kanchana (Yesteryear actress) was one of the top actress in South Indian movies during the 60’s and 70’s. In those times, it was not easy to become an actress, she should posses everything from a good voice till a beautiful face same goes for being an Airhostess- Kanchana was an Airhostess turned Actress. Nowadays we have more than 80% of actresses who cannot dub with their own voice in Tamil and Telugu cinema but they have a good and a fair face and the bitter truth is that the South Indians prefer to have white skinned female imported from North.

Kanchana was one of a kind actress of that Era. I am not that good in 60’s and 70’s movies but I believe she was the first leading lady to expose in movies and get more intimate with the Heroes. If you have noticed, during the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, we had a lot of periodical and mythological movies and in that the lead actress will be wearing the a skimpy top and a full covered bottom but to avoid exposure the chest, shoulder and belly area is covered with a white satin cloth which kind of camouflage with the skin tone but if you look at Kanchana in those periodical films, the belly area is mostly left uncovered. Certainly the line was drawn in terms of Glamor where the maximum you can see is a the hero hugging the heroines and not the usual boob hug and  navel kiss of these times.

I am a big fan of Kanchana madam, you can make out that she certainly oozes glamour with beauty in most of her movies and any hot blooded male will be a fan. Divine and beautiful face added with a hour glass structure and you just can’t resist. Yes. She has the perfect hourglass figure with a widened hip, but since it was the 60’s and 70’s, the movies had restriction in terms of glamor and it was not much projected.Not to forget her sexy and abrasive voice which adds to the satisfaction.

I don’t want to badmouth or talk dirty about this actress as she is of my Grandma’s age but still can’t stop from posting the caps in this blog. I am sure lot of them will be happy on this.

I will be posting caps from two movies of Kanchana Madam-, Naan Yen Piranthein with MGR and a telugu movie Tatamma Kala with NTR (Covering both the yesteryear superstars of Tamil and Telugu) These are old movies so don’t expect Blu Ray like quality but I have got the best print available for you all.
Get yourself mesmerized by this yesteryear beauty
Kanchana Hot 1Kanchana Hot 2Kanchana Hot 3Kanchana Hot 4Kanchana Hot 5Kanchana Hot 6Kanchana Hot 7Kanchana Hot 8Kanchana Hot 9Kanchana Hot 10Kanchana Hot 11Kanchana Hot 12Kanchana Hot 13Kanchana Hot 14Kanchana Hot 15Kanchana Hot 16Kanchana Hot 17Kanchana Hot 18Kanchana Hot 19Kanchana Hot 20Kanchana Hot 21Kanchana Hot 22Kanchana Hot 23Kanchana Hot 24Kanchana Hot 25Kanchana Hot 26Kanchana Hot 27Kanchana Hot 28Kanchana Hot 29Kanchana Hot 30Kanchana Hot 31Kanchana Hot 32Kanchana Hot 33Kanchana Hot 34Kanchana Hot 35Kanchana Hot 36Kanchana Hot 37Kanchana Hot 38Kanchana Hot 39Kanchana Hot 40Kanchana Hot 41Kanchana Hot 42Kanchana Hot 43Kanchana Hot 44Kanchana Hot 45Kanchana Hot 46Kanchana Hot 47Kanchana Hot 48Kanchana Hot 49Kanchana Hot 50Kanchana Hot 51Kanchana Hot 52Kanchana Hot 53Kanchana Hot 54Kanchana Hot 55Kanchana Hot 56


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