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Rachana Banerjee Hot from Pedda Manushulu- Tribute PART- 1

 Rachana Banerjee from Pedda Manushulu with Suman.

Hi there everyone.

I am sure this post is going to make a lot of people very happy.
For me, this movie is special because of Rachana darling’s glamorous show. I had already posted the caps from the movie 6 years back and that post is one of the most visited post in this blog. This movie was uploaded in Youtube by the original production company but the screen quality just sucked and after that we had the MAA TV video quality which was kind of a upscale version of the previously mentioned YouTube video quality. Finally in 2016, ZEE Cinemalu channel emerged and they had this movie and were broadcasting with some cuts. I was fortunate enough to get the TV rip high quality. Yes, it is not the complete movie but with minor cuts of song mostly of Rachana Darling exposure.

Nowadays, the TV channels have started censoring a lot. I don’t know how many of you know but now these Indian TV channels have to censor the movies to get U rated or might have to deal with IBF (Indian Broadcasting federation). You have children’s watching and don’t want to spoil them. Well, it is right as well as wrong but I am not going to debate that. If you were born in the 90’s, you can consider yourself lucky to have watched the movie without any censor cuts but now unless there is a good video print in Youtube, these censor cut scenes will always be hidden in the vault. Wish I worked in SUN Network in a big post, I can have a private viewing of these movies without any censor cuts.
I will post each and every cap of Rachana Banerjee from this movie with my comments to make it interesting.

Rachana Banerjee is the epitome of Beauty and Lusty Woman. No wonder she was Miss Kolkatta, she could have even won Miss World or even Miss Universe. If you don’t believe me, check her recent photos, she still looks stunning for someone in their 40’s.A Cute Face combined with wonderful structure and you got a winner. She is from Kolkata and featured in a lot of Bengali movies but she did not stop there and explored Oriya movies, Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies and even a few Kannada movies. Who will not let this beauty star in their movies.
Pedda Manushulu movie released in the year 1999. The story of the movie is related to inequality in caste system with feud between two families  combined with Romance. Being a Telugu movie, it is bound to have glamor and it featured Rachana with Heavy glamor scenes and Songs. It even had Heera Rajgopal as the second heroine but she does have much footage.  Suman is a one of the luckiest guy in my book, he enjoyed all the hot 90’s beauties starting from Rachana, Nagma, Radha, Sanghavi, Simran. I seriously wish to be in actor Suman’s place.  I could have even married Rachana after the movie. EEEE

Okay starting with the introduction scenes, Rachana looking lovely in Saree.
Now Suman dreams about here. Even I had dreams of Rachana Banerjee (Too bad nothing good happened in my dream)
Those Fuck me Eyes of Rachana in the 3-5 caps.
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See how these guys are thinking, imagining her mother as her lover. Very Bad by the Screenplay writer.
Now coming to the Song Caps. She is such a Damsel

Little more caps of her Face-close ups and tight boobs

Finally they get married and then you have the first night after some drama and a fight.
Her boobs pointing in that sexy blouse with Suman kissing and feeling her up nicely. Look at the lust in Suman’s eyes, if I would have been in his situation. No talking- only Facking.Open-mouthed smile
I know it is wrong to peep at other’s privacy but when you have a movie scene with first night sequence, you just cannot miss it.
As per the storyline, She comes inside the room for First Night but she has something in her mind related to a meeting with Heera and tries to avoid mating with Suman.

They talk about something and as I don’t understand telugu can’t find out what it is but I assume she gives a riddle but her fails to answer and as kind of losing a bet, he gets on the other side of the bed and nothing happens. She repents for it and then sleeps with a teary eye.
Okay guys, That's all for the first part the rest will be posted in the second part which is one the way. I initially thought of posting all the caps in a single post but it will be too much for your web browser to handle.
The second part will consist of the hot scenes you are waiting for.

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