Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sadha Hot Navel record dance

So I was in mood for actress Sadha who is one of my Teen crush and  digging out her old movies and songs watching her sexy navel and sweet lips. She is just wasting her talent nowadays with rating dance shows on Dhee Juniors (Telugu) and Jodi No 1 (Tamil) and it was about time we see her sexy navel after Tamil movie Eli. She had done an item number in the movie Madha Gaja Raja which is long pending to release for the last three years. First the trailer of this movie was released having a 5 second footage of Sadha item dance and the last year around April 2016 came a the Song promo of the item number and all Sadha fans were thrilled to see her navel but the movie failed to released till now.

I incidentally happened to check Wikipedia about any new movies and there was a Hindi movie name Saat Uchakkey where she had done an item number, I was little excited and checked the details of the movie and it seems to be a flop movie. And then after searching for the song, I got it in 1080p, it was an Okayish song with Sadha dancing a kind of Record dance in front of a crowd showing her sexy navel. The bad part is that out of the 4-5 minute song, Sadha had screen space for just a minute which was very disappointing. No wonder the song did not gained fame as it should have, if the makers had realized her potential and concentrated more of Sadha and her navel.

It is little hurting to see once a popular heroine in South doing Record dance/Item numbers in Bollywood, Well no offence in doing these kind of songs but at least you should have major attraction and good screen space for the song.
Anyway here are the caps of the Song and hope you guys like it.
Sadha Hot5

Sadha Hot1Sadha Hot2Sadha Hot3Sadha Hot4Sadha Hot5Sadha Hot6Sadha Hot7Sadha Hot8Sadha Hot9Sadha Hot10Sadha Hot11Sadha Hot12Sadha Hot13Sadha Hot14Sadha Hot15Sadha Hot16Sadha Hot17Sadha Hot18Sadha Hot19Sadha Hot20Sadha Hot21Sadha Hot22Sadha Hot23Sadha Hot24Sadha Hot25Sadha Hot26Sadha Hot27Sadha Hot28Sadha Hot29Sadha Hot30Sadha Hot31Sadha Hot32Sadha Hot33Sadha Hot34Sadha Hot35

And here is the YT video link

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