Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rachana Banerjee Hot from Pedda Manushulu- PART- 2 with Video

Finally it is there, enough of waiting. Did anyone really wait for this.
And I have got the short video of the bedroom segment in the link at the end of this post.

Continuing with Rachana Banerjee Caps from the movie Pedda Manushulu with Suman enjoying her nicely.
Fast Forwarding to the Kidnap sequence where the Villan Kidnaps Rachana from her house and then comes our Hero to save her. The Villan like the villan in a million Indian movies kidnaps the heroine and tries to rape her and as usual our hero comes for the rescue before he reaches second base.
Check out the 10-12th caps, Rachana’s breasts crushing in Suman’s chest.
Rachana Banerjee001Rachana Banerjee002Rachana Banerjee003Rachana Banerjee004Rachana Banerjee005Rachana Banerjee006Rachana Banerjee007Rachana Banerjee008Rachana Banerjee009Rachana Banerjee010Rachana Banerjee011Rachana Banerjee012Rachana Banerjee013Rachana Banerjee014Rachana Banerjee017Rachana Banerjee018Rachana Banerjee019Rachana Banerjee020
She looks hot even when she is fully clad, The Figure that is..
Rachana Banerjee021Rachana Banerjee022
I just thought of posting this, you may get irked at me for this but it is really hilarious. Suman gets hit by one of the Villan’s henchman and lands into a table. Look at that ASS. If it was the heroine, they would have censor cut it but this one is for the females to ogle at Suman. Open-mouthed smile
Rachana Banerjee015Rachana Banerjee016
There is something going on inbetween the couple here and the heroine actually makes a promise to abstain from sexual relationship with the hero but finally gives it to him, It is very aesthetically shot scene but edited out by censors as I believe that it would make into a B-grade movie without the cuts.
This movie will always be special for me because of Rachana and this hot bedroom segment. Watched it during my teen in Teja tv. Rachana will always remain my wanna be Wife. Smile with tongue out
The best part of the movie is here. Those sexy boobs wrapped inside the tight blouse and those hot reaction by Rachana when the Hero kisses her foot. Enjoy..
Rachana Banerjee023Rachana Banerjee024Rachana Banerjee025Rachana Banerjee026Rachana Banerjee027Rachana Banerjee028Rachana Banerjee029Rachana Banerjee030Rachana Banerjee031Rachana Banerjee032Rachana Banerjee033Rachana Banerjee034Rachana Banerjee035Rachana Banerjee036Rachana Banerjee037Rachana Banerjee038Rachana Banerjee039Rachana Banerjee040Rachana Banerjee041Rachana Banerjee042Rachana Banerjee043Rachana Banerjee044Rachana Banerjee045Rachana Banerjee046Rachana Banerjee047Rachana Banerjee048Rachana Banerjee049Rachana Banerjee050Rachana Banerjee051Rachana Banerjee052Rachana Banerjee053Rachana Banerjee054Rachana Banerjee055Rachana Banerjee056Rachana Banerjee057Rachana Banerjee058Rachana Banerjee059Rachana Banerjee060Rachana Banerjee061Rachana Banerjee062Rachana Banerjee063Rachana Banerjee064Rachana Banerjee065Rachana Banerjee066Rachana Banerjee067Rachana Banerjee068Rachana Banerjee069Rachana Banerjee070Rachana Banerjee071Rachana Banerjee072Rachana Banerjee073
So we reached the end atlast. I can finally be less burdened after posting this as it was in my To do list for a long time.
Anyway here is the video, Sorry for the watermark there but there should be some identity for the content from this blog otherwise it may be forgotten.
Rachana Suman Hot Scene Link


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