Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chitra hot Nipple pokies from Gopala Gopala Tamil movie


Hello Everyone.

Coming up with another post for this stupendous superhot blog.

This is of actress Chitra one of my favorite actress of the 80’s. She was one of a kind mallu beauty, really unmatchable, cute and hot of her time but very unfortunate that she could not maintain her weight and was very soon pushed to side roles during her prime.

She has done very few number of movies in Tamil and other south Indian languages as her main forte was Malayalam Movies.I am trying to find some movies of her during the 1987-92 era where she was curvy and hot. If any mallu visitor of this blog can help with her Malayalam movies, it would be great. I already got Kadal and Ponnuchami but she is bloated in those and her face had lost its charm.

Okay now, coming to the movie Gopala Gopala directed by Pandiarajan is a full fledged comedy movie released during the mid 90’s. Those were the time of Hot saree songs and most of the movie has it. Khusboo was paired with Pandiarajan in that movie and there was good masala in the songs.

Now I hope you already know about the story. It is about Pandiarajan who is a master chef, movies to a new building colony and he woos his neighbors with his culinary skills and his superior tantric specially related to Kitchen. The women get attracted by that and they ask him to teach good cooking. there is no any affair or something with these women as there is already Khusboo present. The husbands of these women are envious to the hero as they are more engaging with him and they later realize how good our Hero (who is next to God in being good) and they repent and unite the lead pair.

Now who cares about the movie story, why is this article here in Southmasalapic.com. Yes, there is a something to watch out. There is a scene where the hero gets stuck with the heroine in a lift overnight and the neighbors think that he must be dead already. The hero is alive and comes back to his colony, Now before he enters, the news spreads among all the neighbors and they rush out from their home to see what happened.We also have Chitra who is one of the neighbor coming out of her room with only Pavadai implying that she was about to bath and she heard the news and came outside to see the person.

Well, Pavadai scenes were very regular in Tamil movies, so what's new about it? Normally in Pavadai scenes they make sure that it is not at all revealing and normally have some thick under garments to go with this. Here in the movie, there is very less footage of Chitra and the camera is not fully focused on her but it makes a mark. See for yourself. You can see Chitra’s erect nipple thrusting out in Pavadai. I wonder how those grown men standing near her were able to control especially Veniraddai Moorthy who is more fond of Ladies (I got this info from one of his movies). You know most of his comedy scenes have double meaning. I would have given it a mischievous pinch. EEEEE

Sorry, I could not get the HD footage of this in Sun Network as they have stopped playing this movie in KTV but the SD caps were also not bad.

There are lot of groups in FB and all who occasionally copy the pics from here and post in their FB but don’t give out credits. Shame on your guys, this is sheer hardwork you see. LOL

PS- I don’t really care if they copy the pics from here, just given credits.

Coming to the caps, you guys judge  whether it is true or not. I don’t bullshit in my real life as well as in this blog, I just spill my mind out.

Chitra 01Chitra 02Chitra 03Chitra 04Chitra 05Chitra 06Chitra 07Chitra 08Chitra 09Chitra 10Chitra 11Chitra 12

Was the poking nipple visible, let us try another video source, Pyramid pirated VCD’s. Yes, you heard me right, their video quality is like theatre cam with no proper screen aspect ratio.

Chitra 01vcdChitra 02vcdChitra 03vcdChitra 04vcdChitra 05vcdChitra 06vcdChitra 07vcdChitra 08vcdChitra 09vcdChitra 10vcdChitra 11vcdChitra 12vcdChitra 13vcdChitra 14vcd

Some more caps of Chitra from the movie with Jyothimeena showing hot buttery navel.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vidya Valli Hot Smooch Kiss from Aaravadhu Vanam

It is a nice Sunday and I have a treat for you all.

This is a discovery actually. You know there is a thing when it comes to celebrities, when they are new, they oblige to do some movies and some exposing scenes and it kind of remains buried until the star becomes famous then everything is dug out. This post is the perfect example for this article.

Vidya Mohan who is prominent among Tamil audiences through the serial Valli telecasted in Sun TV now. I have already added 2 posts of her before and they are the most popular ones in this site. This is the 3rd one and I have to say it is explosive.

You can check out the previous posts in the link below

Vidya Serial actress from Valli Serial Hot Navel Stills

This is from the movie Aravadhu Vanam released in 2011 starring some new comer and Valli with Bose Venkat. I was really amazed to see that Vidya had done a real smooch scenes, it is not a lip peck or just hiding the faces kind of kiss but a real smooch. It took time for me to believe it as it is not a fake but a real one.

Instantly after watching the smooch stills, I downloaded the movie and checked if the kiss scene was there What I got- There was the kiss scene but it was completely censored, it was a long shot where Vidya is seen getting in position with the hero and the scene is CUT. Whoever is the reason for the cut should have erectile dysfunction but the good thing is that they atleast released the kiss stills of the movie.

I wonder how it felt for that new comver guy to kiss Vidya's lusciously thick lips. I am sure he must be remembering his kiss with her every time he watches her face in Valli Serial.  Jeez I ogle at this lady and her beautiful face but somebody has smooched her in Camera. He is one luck A S S.

Anyway enjoy the stills

Vidya Valli kiss smooch
Vidya Valli kiss smooch

Thursday, January 12, 2017

VJ Maheshwari hot tight boobs from Chennai 600028 II

Hi Everyone, I hope this year started off good for you folks.
Time for another update in this blog, actually I had taken time to write this article as I was waiting for the movie to release in the net.
Chennai 600028 2 is the second installment of the same movie name in the year 2007. Well I hope most of them have watched the movie and it was a success at the box office. I got the opportunity to watch the movie in theatre and it was a good watch. But if the movie has to be featured in Southmasalapic.com then it must have something to do with masala.

There are lot of women in the movie mostly the spouses of the stars and also we have the infamous Soppana Sundari song featuring Manisha Yadav. The movie did not cross and glamour borders nor did it have enough glamour. The Sopana Sundari song which is meant to be in the lines of “Kodana Kodi” from Saroja and “Missisipi” song from Biryani was less in glamour compared to the latter for a Venkat Prabhu directorial. The song was shot in low lighting and you can hardly get a good glimpse of Manisha Yadav. She is dressed conservatively with no cleavage or navel shots. It was really a disappointment from Venkat prabhu that Manisha Yadav was not much utilized.

Anyway coming to the caps, it is for VJ Maheshwari who comes as one of the spouse of the actors in the movie. I remember watching the trailer of this movie and there was a small clip where she is shown in tight dress and I got a eyeful in the movie theatre and now I want to show this to you. It is just a matter 4-5 seconds but still worth fappable.

Mind you, I had to spend 1 GB of expensive mobile data to download this in the middle of the night for me to fap and give you the caps. LOL

VJ Maheshwari hot

For those who like individual caps, you can find it below

Check out the 6th & 7th pic, the guy cannot take his eyes off her mammoth mammary. ( Can’t blame him though) 
VJ Maheshwari 01VJ Maheshwari 02VJ Maheshwari 03VJ Maheshwari 04VJ Maheshwari 05VJ Maheshwari 06VJ Maheshwari 07VJ Maheshwari 08VJ Maheshwari 09VJ Maheshwari 10VJ Maheshwari 11VJ Maheshwari 12VJ Maheshwari 13VJ Maheshwari 14VJ Maheshwari 15VJ Maheshwari 16VJ Maheshwari 17VJ Maheshwari 18VJ Maheshwari 19VJ Maheshwari 20VJ Maheshwari 21VJ Maheshwari 22VJ Maheshwari 23VJ Maheshwari 24VJ Maheshwari 25VJ Maheshwari 26VJ Maheshwari 27VJ Maheshwari 30VJ Maheshwari 31VJ Maheshwari 32VJ Maheshwari 33VJ Maheshwari 34VJ Maheshwari 35

Hope you guys like this post, please give your comments below


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