About Us

About Us

I am just an average guy, Interested in the Movie Industry and more about the Ladies and I am and will be posting about the Ladies I like.

Always thriving to get good content for my fellow visitors. 

I don't like degrading the ladies in anyway and it is quite evident in my posts of this Blog. 
I am posting the pictures of actresses in a exposing way but it really means that I am just adoring their beauty and believe me the ladies, they like this.

If you feel I am degrading them then you are wrong. I may write something which may come in my head through the Bliss of thinking about these ladies and being with them. 

 I search for hours sometimes to get the content which I like and then filter it out if the readers will like and then  get the videos capture and post it with a article to make it good and I hope you like this blog.

I know the ads are little intrusive but please bare with us as this is how we make something out this blog and it pays our bills (Only Internet bills) as the earnings are not that much.

The Ads anyway will appear and might be a little intrusive for only 4-5 page views and then it won't bother you.

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